12/23/19 06:02 PM
No EQ function available on last 2 faders

I've noticed 2-3 times already, at least, on different songs, the eq function is either not available, or doesn't have 3 bands available, only 2.

It seems to be only on either the 15/16 or 17/18 track on the 1880. I'm not sure if it's been happening on both of those tracks or just 1. I'm starting to notice it with each new song.

Is this normal?

12/23/19 06:13 PM
Re: No EQ function available on last 2 faders

There's two things found in the manual that you can check -
1- the 2 or 3 band eq is selectable by highlighting what looks like the title - "3 band eq", or "2 band eq" in the mixer display.

2- The availability of the 3-band eq is dependent on whether you have it selected already in either the input or track mixer for any given channel - if it's already 3-band in channel 17/18 input mixer, for instance, it will only be 2-band in the 17/18 track mixer. You can change this to the 3-band track mixer by first changing it to 2-band in the input mixer.

You can find this reference in the pdf manual on pg 76, by the way.

If neither of these things fix the problem, then I'm not sure what else it could be.