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10/26/11 08:15 PM
help using a USA vs1880 in australia ???

(I hope this post in in the right part of the forum to get the best results?...if not I'd be more than happy for it to be moved...thanks)

Hi people...I'd like to ask for some help so i don't make a HUGE mistake

I have recently purchased a vs 1880 from the USA( i live in Australia) and haven't used it yet due to wanting to get the right transformer so i don't kill my new toy.

I'm pretty confused to what i need and getting more and more confused the more i read...soooo i contacted Roland Australia for i thought they of all people would know the answer...

below is my email to Roland and below that there reply (and by the way they where so quick to reply...very impressed! )....I'm now even more confused and scared eeeeeeeek

....they say just replace the cord it came with , with a "jug" lead....so basically i think i have that here..one from a pc monitor...is is this the same????????? anyone around here done this?... i don't want to be the 1st lol...been waiting 20 years to get a decent multitrack and would kick my ass if i killed it.....seems waaaaay to simple to work?.....

thanks so much for any help offered,,,Dan.

my email to Roland VVVV
Subject: ROLAND VS1880: USA to Australia transformer help needed

Serial Number: zn68280

Issue: Hi..i hope you can offer some advice...i have an vs 1880 multitrack here from America ...that i really don't want to blow up ;\) ....are you able to tell me what transformer WILL work to be able to use it here in Australia....from reading i have found out it may not be as simple as just going to buy one....so would like to know the specifications i should be looking for..

im sure you will know/or are able to find out this info but i will include what it says on the underside of this product..

>>>>>AC 117v 50/60 hz 33w <<<<<

thanks so much for any information you can offer and thanks for your time .Dan.

Rolands reply back to me VVVVV
Hi Dan Our Service Department inform me that all you need to do is get a Aussie “jug” lead from your local hardware store. The VS will detect the voltage and change to the new standard

10/26/11 10:45 PM
Re: help using a USA vs1880 in australia ???

Can't tell you from my experience, Dan... but you could always forward that email to rolandus and ask them what they think. You might also ask them to explain how it is that the 1880 should be able to do this automatically... I'd be curious to know if it were me. But, beyond that, it might also give you the confidence to go ahead and do what they suggest.

Good luck with it... and let us know the results.

By the by, since this is an 1880, you might have placed the thread in the 1680/1880 forum instead of the BR forum.... not that it's not useful for anybody that might read it, but since you asked.

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10/26/11 11:47 PM
Re: help using a USA vs1880 in australia ???

Hi... thanks for the reply...i have just sent them an email and asked for them to explain this to me in detail if possible...so thank you for the tip...only took me a week to figure out i should ask roland Australia lol

and you know what...i can believe i even put this query in the wrong forum in the 1st place(set myself up for that)...dont know what i was thinking ...other than feeling totally buggered in need of a nana nap..thanks again..Dan.

10/27/11 01:29 AM
Re: help using a USA vs1880 in australia ???

AFAIK all 1880s have universal power supplies that will work on any voltage from about 100 to 220 and both 50 and 60 hz.

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10/27/11 01:49 AM
Re: help using a USA vs1880 in australia ???

WOW thanks Bear and of coarse uptildawn ...have been reading both your posts for many weeks now and so glad you have both come to help me...

Bear thats great news!!!...have had this 1880 sitting here for over a week now...just touching my faders (probably inappropriately?)....bought my self a couple of condenser mics and have been so eager to jump in....looks like i may be able to save about $50 on the transformer i thought i would have to buy.

I'll plug it in later and report back...thanks so much guys.Dan.

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10/27/11 03:12 PM
Re: help using a USA vs1880 in australia ???

magnificent...we have life...it works!!!! ....thanks guys..Dan

02/21/12 06:37 PM
Re: help using a USA vs1880 in australia ???

This is an old thread but I thought I'd pick it up again.

Interesting that the power supply itself said 117V but happily takes our local 240V. I bought my VS2400CD from the US and like yours, the power supply says 117V 50/60Hz, so I got a step down transformer off eBay (about AU$70, not expensive) and have used the VS with that since 2008.

While I was searching for a VS I heard whispers that the US/Japanese models could handle Euro/Aussie voltages, despite not being marked as universal. I've never had the guts to try though!

I'm curious if what you've discovered with your 1880 is typical of all VSs?

Cheers, Ben.