Eric Collins
04/28/19 10:10 AM
2480 Problem - Help!

I posted in Wawa's late last night in case anyone was still up who could help me.

Basically, my 2480 was used by my late songwriting partner and his engineer to record a CD, and I haven't had hands on it for about two years, so I'm rusty. I fired it up yesterday to start a project for my daughter's wedding, and the 2480 appears to be stuck on the mastered version of one of the tracks that was uploaded to CD Baby. Am I forgetting something I need to do to exit the Mastering Play mode? I've pressed "project" and "shift/project," and nothing happens, searched the manual and can't figure out what's going on.

Any ideas? Pleas jump in. Thanks.

04/28/19 10:49 AM
Re: 2480 Problem - Help!

Hey Eric.

Hopefully you're using a monitor with your 2480.

Go to the CD-RW MASTERING pull down menu and select MASTERING ROOM.

Then, on the left side where the MASTERING ROOM yellow ON button is highlighted, turn it off.

Then, click on HOME in the upper right hand corner.

. . Falcon