03/18/04 10:31 AM
Tips on Marketing Music

In response to something mentioned in another thread, I bought my VS2480HD with the naive idea that I could record our band's music without the huge expense of going through a recording studio. I have found, there is a lot to learn to make a good, high quality, marketable CD.

That being said, I still have this ideal in my brain. So, once we have a good, high quality, marketable CD (which will obviously take some time), how would I go about marketing and promoting the product. I was hoping that I could glean some insights from the wealth of experience I see in the VS Planet.



03/18/04 04:57 PM
Re: Tips on Marketing Music

you might look into www.taxi.com and submitting some songs for listings and also to be appraised by professionals in the biz.

set up a web site for the band

send to local radio if they have Homegrown shows, here in pittsburgh a local station plays local bands every sunday night

send it out to record companies that allow unsolicited submissions

fins music lawyer to represent you and have him submit it to companies as your rep/go between

join music forums online and have people check out samples of your songs off you web site

these are some things i have done in the past

03/18/04 05:56 PM
Re: Tips on Marketing Music

Depends what your goal is and what you think "success" is. If you want to go big, trock's advice is great but it's an uphill and mostly discouraging battle. You might not succeed at that goal.

If you re-think the idea of success and come to the conclusion that it really means doing what you love, then the goal is to get out there and do it as much as you can. From personal experience, I can tell you that it's better to do what you love than to always be striving for something that seems ever out of reach.

Having said that, my advice is record the thing and get out there and play to people! The best way to market your CD right now is to have it available at all your shows. If you're good live, people will buy it and the word will spread.

It is an awesome feeling when people actually give you their money in exchange for your music. I hope you find this out. Maybe you'll be able to eventually get to the point where you can play full-time. Enter success; doing something that you love.

By doing just this, I was able to support myself for over 5 years. No labels, no lawyers. . . .

03/19/04 01:11 PM
Re: Tips on Marketing Music

Thanks! Sounds like good, practical advice.


Any other words of wisdom is more than welcome.