08/15/05 11:06 AM
*** Please Read - Guildlines For Posting In This Forum ***

Welcome to the new Product Reviews forum! Please take a minute to review the following guidelines before posting in this forum.

To make it easier for people to find specific types of reviews, please format the title of the post as follows:

Product-category : Manufacturer : Product-name

Product-category would be things like:
  • Microphone
  • Mic Pre-Amp
  • Compressor
  • EQ
  • Monitors
  • Guitar Amp
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Hard Disk Recorder
  • Keyboard
  • Software Synth
  • Drum Machine
  • Software Audio Editor
  • Plugins
  • Accessories

These are just a few sample categories, not an all-encompassing list.

Here are some examples of how titles should be formatted:

Hard Disk Recorder : Roland : VS-2480

Compressor : FMR Audio : RNC-1773

Microphone : Studio Projects : C1

Body of the Post
The body of the post should contain the following things:

  • Purchased From
  • Price Paid
  • Review (what you think of the product, how you are using it, etc)
  • Summary of Pros
  • Summary of Cons
  • (optional) Links to Audio Examples of Using the Product or Pictures of the Product in Use

Final Notes
Flame-wars and abusive threads won't be tolerated in this forum. I'm not saying you can't speak your mind...you should, in the context of reviewing a particular piece of gear. If you disagree with a review of a particular piece of gear, respond with why you disagree, keeping with the format as outlined above. However, a reply such as "Dude, that product sucks..you should use ProductX" won't fly.

Finally, keep in mind that your title may be edited if it doesn't follow the format as outlined above. The body of the post may also be edited to make it more readable and to be consistent with the formatting as outlined above, but the content of the review will not be edited or changed.

10/16/12 01:37 AM
Re: *** Please Read - Guildlines For Posting In This Forum ***

SURE Hook!
If we rookies only knew how everything fits together. And if only all brains would operate in the same order. Of course you may edit the titles and move them around. You are the Master. We'll try harder to - 'fit in'.