05/11/16 06:20 PM
Qustions on moving from 2480 to PC DAW using Reaper

I've been using a VS-2480 since 2002 in my project studio and have decided it's time to move on to more current technology.

I plan to build my own PC to specs and am leaning toward Reaper for software.

I want a system that mimics as near as possible the functionality of the 2480, and need buttons and sliders and all the other physical controls, so the choice of a board is important, with 24 channels a minimum.

Do you have any suggestions or experience with boards that would fit the bill?

So far, I've looked at -

- Yamaha TF3, http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TF3-24

- Allen & Heath Qu-24, http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Qu24Chrome

- Behringer X32, http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/X32/

I'm pretty solid on the PC build, but am wondering about the importance of the sound card if the board is talking to the computer via USB or Firewire.

(I put a similar post on the 2480 forums, FWIW.)

C Jo Go
(Loquacious Planeteer)
05/29/16 02:23 AM
Re: Qustions on moving from 2480 to PC DAW using Reaper

Let us know if you find the right board --- very interested >>BUT need the feel /move of the 2480 > also ..

05/29/16 09:24 AM
Re: Qustions on moving from 2480 to PC DAW using Reaper

I've used the x32 a few times to record 32 channels through USB to SAWStudio on an old Thinkpad x60 laptop and that's worked out really well for straight live recording.

But I have no way to audibly monitor what's being recorded inside the laptop, but have to rely on monitoring through the headphone out on the x32 - but that's the sound before it hits the computer, so I can only monitor that visually using the DAW meters.

I haven't had an opportunity to dig deeper than that, or to figure out how I might use it in an overdub session, for instance.

If I remember correctly, I couldn't assign the built-in soundcard headphone output on the laptop to the output section in the DAW at the same time that I had the x32 inputs assigned. I don't remember why and I don't have regular access to the x32 to fiddle around until I understand it better, unfortunately.

As for the importance of the pc soundcard... there might not be a reason to focus on a special soundcard when using something like the x32. It seems to me that you should be able to both record and monitor through that USB connection - like I said, in my case, I don't have a way to easily experiment to figure it out.

The Behringer manual was useless to this point... although a phone tech was more than helpful the first time I tried to figure out how to make the special driver and associated setup panel work. I don't recall why it wouldn't work at first, but I eventually got it all installed and working, so that's all that mattered at the time.