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06/12/20 07:15 PM
Zip Backup To VS-880EX Via CF Mod?

Hey everyone! I had a VS-880EX back in '98 and have a bunch of backed up project files on CD that I copied over and burned from Zip disks. I recently picked up a used VS-880EX from Reverb and installed a Compact Flash mod in it.

Is there any way to transfer the backup Zip songs back to the VS-880EX via the CF card? I tried copying over the songs from CD to CF but the VS-880EX did not recognize them, so I assume there is some conversion process that needs to take place first?

I'm sure this is old hat for most of you and apologize if this has been answered a million times before but (no offense) this forum is a little funky and I didn't have much luck with the search function. \:\/

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06/13/20 03:48 PM
Re: Zip Backup To VS-880EX Via CF Mod?

Hmmm. Maybe I am not asking the question correctly...

I have these Zip drive backups from my VS-880EX. The contents looks like what's below. When I put these files on the Compact Flash card and boot up the VS-880EX, 880 does not recognize the songs. Is there some conversion utility I need to make these readable again on the VS-880EX? Again, apologies for the noob question. it's been years since I've used one of these things.

Root folder:

Song Folder:

06/13/20 05:03 PM
Re: Zip Backup To VS-880EX Via CF Mod?

The “Archive” setting will dynamically write the file to disk, asking for new disks when necessary. When loading this archived file back into your VS-880, you will need to again set the copy mode to “Archive”, and use the “Extract Archive Function” to restore the song to playable status.Full directions for using these commands are on pages 44 and 45 of the original VS-880 owner’s manual, or pages 94-96 of the Expanded VS-880 manual.When backing up to DAT, use the “SNG DAT Backup” parameter, as described on pages 46-47 of the original owner’s manual, pages 97-99 of the newer Expanded VS-880 owner’s manual.No audio degradation should result from performing any of these operations. You are simply making digital “clones” of the original data. Copy away…

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06/13/20 06:17 PM
Re: Zip Backup To VS-880EX Via CF Mod?

Hey thanks for the info man. So I don't have a zip drive or cdr anymore. I just converted my HDD to Compact Flash. So there's no way that I see to restore the zip drive backups in the way you suggest. That implies I have a zip or cdr backup to restore to the internal HDD. But I want to take the zip drive backup files and copy them onto the Compact Flash so when I boot up the VS-880EX with the CF card in it (as the new HDD), the songs will be available. Make sense?