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07/20/14 11:45 AM
New to recording and I need help.

Hello. My name is Erik and I'm a novice to say the least! I have a Yamaha motif classic and a roland vs 1824 cd.
I'm just about tracking with the vs , but still have much to learn.
My main questions are-is this going to be possible without a computer?
Am I better off using a separate preamp for my vocals .
How can I sync my motif to my vs so that when I press play on the motif it records on the vs?( or some thing like that)
Please excuse my extreme lack of knowledge . And thank you for reading.

07/20/14 02:58 PM
Re: New to recording and I need help.

Yes with a 1824 you can record without any computer -although having a computer can add to the flexibility of what you can do.

Preamps in the 1824 are good enough to get going - later on when you have learned a lot more and can judge where your limitations are, you may consider adding stuff like preamps and compressors

Depending on what kind of music/instruments you want to record start with a good mid level microphone or 2

The 1824 provides MIDI SYNC - I am sure your motif has the capability of sending some kind of MIDI that could be used to sync up with the 1824... I would have to look at a motif manual to see exactly how the best way would be. Maybe some Motif user can help better.

You would be better posting in the VS1680/1880 forum instead of here in the audio interfaces forum - more people would read your posts...

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07/21/14 04:53 PM
Re: New to recording and I need help.

Thank you for your help . I will post over there.