(Space Cadet)
05/01/18 05:35 AM
Saved By The Bill

Greetings Fellow Planeteers and Orbiting Aliens:
It seems most of us here are satisfied users of VirDIS, but just in case you are a VS-owner wondering wheter to buy VirDIS or not I would like to add my testimonial.

I had some bizarre VirDIS issues when migrating from xp to win 10 and was just about to throw in the towel and succumb to DAW. (Oh Horror.) I got the SCSI2SD thingy, wich is fine , but in my experience is useful for backups only. I also had the SongVault wich one day just up and died.

I emailed Mr Casey who promptly replied suggesting a remote session. It took the best part of a day ( about 8 hours ) ,but eventually he had me back up and running. Hows that for customer support?

My point is -VirDIS is the VS afficcionados best freind. Without it the VS would be a zombie-machine. And I would be well and properly fx#žd.


05/10/18 05:33 PM
Re: Saved By The Bill

Thanks for sharing...:-)

I'm new to VirDus but like you, between the VS Forums and Bill we're incredibly fortunate...

C Jo Go
(Loquacious Planeteer)
06/28/18 05:54 PM
Re: Saved By The Bill

A man who stands behind his product -- for sure ~! Yes, very fortunate -- could not run the studio >> without VIRDIS ~!