09/03/18 04:48 PM
Sound Quality difference when transfering 2480 files to VIRDIS?

I'm at the point that I want to purchase Virdis. My question is, is there a sound quality difference when transferring files from the 2480? Even slightly?

I ask because I've been reading a few reviews that state there was some quality loss. Not sure if it's true and thought I'd ask some of the users out there.

Thanks in advance.

09/03/18 07:23 PM
Re: Sound Quality difference when transfering 2480 files to VIRDIS?

Strictly speaking, when using VirDIS (as opposed to extracting wav files with VSWE), you're not changing anything in the slightest. The 2480 is simply using the container that you create in VirDIS (the .hhd file) as a destination to store the project - the 2480 sees it as an external hard drive - that's it.

There can be no loss of quality in this case, because the 2480 uses the .hhd the same as its own internal hd.

When you further make use of the VSWE extraction program that is included with VirDIS, in order to create .wav files the PC can make use of, again - there isn't any difference in quality, because VSWE exports a file that has the same bit and sample rate as that of the 2480 project settings. The only difference is that the 2480 track is not immediately readable in a PC and has to be "translated" by VSWE.

Whether or not there are any "quality" differences between a 2480 track and its conversion to common .wav file is an impossible thing for someone with my limited knowledge of the math and technical processes involved to say for certain - not even close. \:\)

But I suppose maybe a person could take the extracted wav file from VSWE and import it back to the 2480 to compare side-by-side with the original source track - doing a null test should reveal any differences in sound, since throwing one track out of phase with the other should nullify the output completely, if they're exactly the same AND exactly lined up down to the sample.

I don't use the 2480, so I don't fully understand how track export works, but if you can export a track at any sample and bit rate you choose (as opposed to exporting only 44.1k/16bit, for example), then you should also be able to try the test in the PC environment, by exporting the original source track onto the PC and doing the null test in a PC daw.

The main thing is to consider is - the source and converted track must be the same bit and sample rates, must be played from the same playback system (daw, 2480) and must consist of only a single track - that is because VSWE doesn't output stereo wav files - a stereo mix would be seen as a pair of mono tracks and converted as such.

You won't be able to compare quality, if the source and destination tracks are played back from two different devices (pc and 2480), even if played through the same amp and monitor system. There's too many variables.

Don't think of VirDIS as having anything to do with sound quality, fi you are truly interested in adding VirDIS to your 2480. Even if there are sound quality advantages to be gained (which I think there are, once the tracks are in a pc-based daw), VirDIS itself is not part of that equation. It is (mostly) simply a scsi device to the 2480.

09/03/18 07:48 PM
Re: Sound Quality difference when transfering 2480 files to VIRDIS?

Great info, bro. Thanks so much.