I really enjoyed this profile. Ringo always seems to bring out the best in Paul and both of them seemed willing to talk easily. I found it easy to relate to Paul's tale about the first time Ringo played with them and how great it felt.

Also, in my opinion, Ringo is the most underrated drummer in the history of Rock and Roll. Think about it: name a single Beatles song where the drums were "too this" or "too that." Every note he played with the Beatles was Goldilocks perfect without drawing attention to itself.

The only weak drum performance I can think of was "The Ballad of John And Yoko" and that was Paul on drums.

Aside from all of the gossip, when the Beatles were the hottest band in Liverpool and needed a solid drummer, they hired Ringo for one simple reason: he was the best around.

I've seen a lot of drummers sneer at Ringo-and then they can't replicate what he did.