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#1441648 - 01/11/16 05:35 AM Crackling / popping sounds
AxisGarret Offline
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I just was researching in the various Search Fields on this Forum. I have not found anything precisely like my problem. I have owned my VS-2480HD since the earliest days. It was one of the first ones off the assembly line, according to Roland.

I have had problems from the beginning, all of which we could figure out with various questions / fixes / Roland Support, etc... However, this problem has been pre-existing for 3 months now and the first time I have ever noticed anything like it.

On playback of tracks that I record directly or import to the 2480, they now ALL crackle / pop (no exceptions). I finally backed up my projects to reformat the HD, hoping / thinking that the problem was in a HD that needed to be formatted. Though, I was afraid to back up my projects, as the crackling / popping was so bad on most tracks, that I feared it would back up the projects with those sounds, ruining all of my tracks / recordings.

I finally took the plunge and backed up my projects and reformatted. Putting the recordings / WAV files back on to the 2480 has produced the same results. The individual tracks are plastered with crackles / pops. I have never experienced this before with a VS 2480 nor have I ever heard of it happening before.

I have ruled out several things: 1.) No, it is not "digital distortion". It is not the "hot settings" on my peak meter. (I have consistently used the same recording settings since I initially set up this unit for use. So, nothing new has changed on it.) 2.) The HD works efficiently. It reformatted fine. (Though maybe it still could be the problem.) 3.) I do not think it is any of the individual I/O's or inputs. As, I unplugged everything and turned all of the Input's and pots down / off.

I am worried that the Master I/O of this unit is going bad. Otherwise, I would just order a new HD for it, as that would be my most obvious guess. The HD reformatted fine, but maybe it is just old and depleted??

This problem sounds like it is something within the circuitry, but it is affecting ALL of the paths internally. Adding effects channels doubles the crackling / popping sounds.

I appreciate your help / input in advance. With this type of problem specifically, I am surprised no one has ever had this problem before. It is quite an obvious one when you hear it. It has rendered my 2480 useless to do any recording or mixes, until I can get this problem fixed.

I look forward to your responses. Thanks...

#1441666 - 01/11/16 09:38 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: AxisGarret]
bear Offline

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I would say it breaks down to 1 of two things - either the unit has failed and there is circuit problems that need repair or something is wrong with clocking

What do you have your MASTER clock set to? Do you have ANYTHING plugged into the digital SPDIF inputs or the RBUS ports?

I think a good troubleshooting step is to determine if it is indeed just a playback problem,. or the tracks themselves have the distortion.

Since you have backups created already why don't you convert a project to wav files using VSWE and see if the distortion is still there. This will narrow it down... and let you know if your source material is OK.

#1441684 - 01/11/16 11:44 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: bear]
LakeStone Karl Offline

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I'd run the internal self-test. My first 2480 exhibited the same symptoms, and the diagnostics indicated a DSP fail of some sort.

I bought a used unit, and I hope maybe someday I can get around to re-capping my original main board to see if anything improves.


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#1441699 - 01/11/16 01:07 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: LakeStone Karl]
AxisGarret Offline
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OK, I did run the internal self-test. I have no idea what to look for there. I am not really "VS-2480HD" Tech-Savvy. I mean, I have soldered some cables in my life, but to take one apart completely to investigate it internally is not my strong point.

I know the capacities of this Unit quite well, as when it is working, it works perfectly well. I have been in love with this unit, like most VS-2480 owners since I first got it. So, I know well, what all it can do. Now it is sick, and I cannot properly diagnose the issues even in order to begin to help it.

I just ran another Format on the 80 GB Deskstar HD. It is the same HD since about 2006. It has been reformatted about 1 dozen times. Now, plus 2 more. Here is the new problem additional to the old.

I am loading the projects back onto it. The crackling / popping is still there. However, many of the Projects show the WAV files on the tracks. Yet, there is nothing playing back. I sometimes have been able to do a "Reload" of the project and it will then play the tracks. But, now it is half and half. Half the time a Reload works. Half the time it does not. I Reboot the whole system. It shows the projects fine. Yet, the projects will not play half the time.

What could this be? I REALLY am hoping to find a fix for this. I cannot afford a whole other unit right now. And, I have projects I have recorded and need to finish. I was in hopes simply purchasing a new HD would fix all of these problems. Now I am seeing multiple problems, none of which are in any of these Help Sections within this Forum.

So mysterious that neither of these problems have been discovered or addressed in all of these years this forum has been around.


#1441711 - 01/11/16 01:27 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: AxisGarret]
bear Offline

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I am afraid it sounds to me like your mother board is going out. It is pretty rare, but it does happen.

I think your saving grace is that you do have data backups. The machine can be replaced even if it does cost several hundred dollars- data cannot

You say you ran the internal tests - did the DSP test show any problems?

#1441736 - 01/11/16 04:40 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: bear]
Frank Griffith Offline
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The ANALYZER is a useful tool for checking out the frequencies of your INPUTS, TRACKS, Master bus etc. Click on UTILITY> ANALYZER> and it opens up in the HOME screen where the meters were. It uses up on whole processor/effects card to run it so you’ll need to decide which card to use. Under “Use Effect Board” select A, B, C or D. Under Source, you can click and hold and scroll thru all INPUTs, TRACKs, FX# RTNs, Gen/Osc, MST L & R, Mon L & R, Auxs and Dirs (or use the jog wheel). The “Average Times” is speed at which the display is refreshed, 50 is a good number to use. Set “Average Type” to NRM for now, EXP is good for drum tracks. Solo a track and play it to see the frequencies displayed. (Lower freqs displayed left, higher ones to the right.). You don’t have to solo the track but it helps, IMO. I use Source - MST L to show the whole mix while mixing. You can set up the VS’s small LCD screen to display the ANALYZER giving you an independent display for this feature once setup and still have the meters on the HOME screen on the VGA. Click on Home, then select Page 3/3, then select [F4 IDAnlr] to show the Analyzer in the small LCD, click [F6 IDHold]. To turn off the Analyzer, select OFF under “Use Effect Board.” *Remember, a processor/ effects card is tied up while using the analyzer
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#1441737 - 01/11/16 04:40 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: AxisGarret]
graemest Offline

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Before worrying it is the motherboard, try replacing the Power Supply board first. It supplies all the other boards, and is easily replaced. They are reasonably frequently available on FleaBay 2nd hand, Roland Australia say they at least have some, so try where you live (which is why it's important to put that in your info/avatar)
#1441838 - 01/12/16 01:35 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: graemest]
unlucky Offline

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Just curious - is the VS connected to any digital gear? If so, it might be that two devices (including the VS) are set as clock master. Even a dodgy BNC (wordclock) cable can produce this (as I found out myself).
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#1441955 - 01/13/16 12:05 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: unlucky]
mobofsquirrels Offline

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I bought my current VS 2480 used about 10 years ago. It was also an early model. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a bad VS8f-2 effects card. If you have reverb or any other effect on any of the tracks at all, then it might be that.
#1442861 - 01/18/16 03:18 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: mobofsquirrels]
AxisGarret Offline
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OK, I ran the "Self-Test" as well as the Analyzer. The problem is inherent inside of the unit itself, in that it does not appear to be the power supply or the effects cards.

I am giving you a link to a 1 minute sample of a track I recorded last year, which recorded and saved fine originally. Now, when I reload this track or any others (music, voice over or otherwise), I get this same crackling popping sound all over each and every track.

Listen carefully to the track. You can really hear it on the tail end of every phrase. It is causing my recording, mixes and archives to be useless.

Has anyone had experience with this??

The Link:

#1442867 - 01/18/16 07:14 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: AxisGarret]
LakeStone Karl Offline

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Did the self test indicate any fails? I think mine said DSP LOOP FAIL or something like that.

Your archive recordings are most likely fine, but your ability to play them back has been compromised.



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#1442917 - 01/18/16 03:20 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: LakeStone Karl]
AxisGarret Offline
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I did not see anything that came up as a "Fail". There were two or three that came up as a question mark, but those were on connections where I have nothing plugged in. "R-Buss Connection", etc...

Did you swap out that Hard Drives and try different Hard Drives in yours? And, if so, did it give the same problem?

#1544850 - 09/15/17 07:04 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: AxisGarret]
Boston_Ray Offline

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but.....did you ever figure out the cause of the crackling/popping sounds? Was it the motherboard? Or the power supply board? My 2480CD is experiencing the EXACT same problem.



#1544955 - 09/17/17 01:54 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: Boston_Ray]
canefire Offline

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Happened with mine if I had a big project and lots of reverbs and such all over the place. THen I started to optimize the projects more often and it was gone.
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#1544963 - 09/17/17 08:43 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: canefire]
Boston_Ray Offline

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Thanks for the replay, Ian. I will agree tthat the problem becomes more noticeable when I start adding effects. But even with all the effects removed (including physically removing the effects cards), I can still hear popping/crackling on playback. Originally, it seemed to be confined to tracks 17-24, but now I hear it on tracks 9-16. I've run the self-test, and everything comes up "OK". So I don't know if that rules out a problem with the motherboard. Maybe it's a bad power supply board?

I'd love to hear from the original poster as to how/if he solved this problem. Thanks.

#1544967 - 09/17/17 09:39 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: Boston_Ray]
darksith38 Offline

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It seems to be a known fact that anything on these machines seem to malfunction if something is not changed like a battery or hard-drive or something that was altered in ez routing.

I know once i had done something and could not understand why i had a problem it took forever to fix it and it was something i had be accidentally did changing a setting.Sorry to hear about these things going on check the sp/dif i know when i was messing around with that it will cause all that popping and flinging noise.

I have the virdis and learned the thing had no problem then a few years later went to use it again and i had problems that i never had before needed to shut down my machine prematurely 50 times not something i wanted cause it would freeze up, and it turned out i had matched the scsi id and that's how i screwed myself lol.

#1544971 - 09/17/17 11:55 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: darksith38]
Boston_Ray Offline

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Darksith - thanks for the feedback.

For the record, there are no other digital devices connected to my 2480. The cracking/popping does not occur on the "input" side - it is only on the playback of audio on tracks 17-24 (and now 9-16). The crackling/popping is not embedded in the audio files - the 2480 is adding the noise on playback only.

Thanks for the ideas/suggestions, however - appreciate it.


#1546088 - 09/30/17 08:41 PM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: Boston_Ray]
toz Offline

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OK long story short.... I have had this EXACT same problem... mine was intermittent... and... appears that the longer the machine is on... the issue settles down.

2 current songs I'm working on... the 1st one I did a remote session... had the crackling issue... came back - cut a bass part... totally fine. Some issues on the other tracks...but have been able to de-click everything on the 2-mixes...pain in the ass but doable for now.

Song 2... blatant crackling... so... I exported the most offensive tracks - VIA CD into Soundforge... the tracks are totally fine... totally clean's absolutely on the channels internally...

So my question is....

Does anyone know what the actual source of the problem is
and if it's correctable... OR... is it the end of the line and go another route...

I do like the new Presonus Studio 3 series... interesting...

I did message AxisGarret directly...not sure if he's been around...

Thanks for any input

Thank You

#1547453 - 10/15/17 12:05 AM Re: Crackling / popping sounds [Re: toz]
MikeSchmidt Offline

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Any fixes, results?


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