Hello again, fellow SONAR users.

I have found a way to to do what I wanted to do with the drums, thanks to the suggestions that I recieved here. It is labor and Time intensive, but it works. I thank you all. Now as you might expect, I have more questions. Let me state upfront that if you offer an answer it is very much OK to talk to me like I am a small child, in fact I prefer it. When it comes to this stuff, I am finding none of it to be self intuitive. Anyway, on to the questions.
#1 There are supposed to be more Speaker/Cab sims in some of the soft synths (Guitar Rig 4 LE is how shall we say...Crap!) Can anyone tell me how to access them, and what soft synths in X1 Producer, might carry such lovely things?

#2 How does one take a bass part that was recorded on guitar (don't ask) and turn it into a clip (audio or MIDI) that can be used in such lovely little things like Dimension Pro, and things like that so that I can make that track sound like a real honest to God bass track? I know it can be done, I saw it on youtube, but the fool didn't bother to tell HOW he did it! (I did find the transpose feature, but I don't need to turn the track into mud. Yes, I tried it.)

Garrigus' expensive book is turning out to be about as helpful as the confusing and useless manual that came with the damn program.

#3. When I bought the discs, I didn't bother installing BEATSCAPE, as I saw a bunch of people that didn't like it. Is it worth installing? is it useful? And if I did install it at this late date, would it screw up everything I have already? What I mean is, these programs seem shakey enough as it is, and I don't need to turn over the baby carriage.

Like I said, explain it like I'm a small child. I won't be offended, I promise.

I thank you in advance. Greg


Yes, KODA JYNX is my other life.