I have a vs-2480 running spdif optical thru an Edirol (Roland/cakewalk) ua-101 interface (10 inputs to usb) into pc laptop.
I have several assorted midi devices running thru a MOTU midi express XT usb.
This motu has 8 midi ins and 8 outs with the ability to separate each device's own 16 midi channels.
This would give me upwards of 128 discrete separate recordable midi channels.
My issue lies in sonar x3. I can't figure out how to tell any track to look for whichever device/midi port or separate midi channel. There should be 8 ports showing up somewhere.. coming into and out of a sonar midi track, each with a selection of 16 midi channels.
What I find is an extremely limited selection; port 1 channel 1, port 2 channel 2, port 3 channel 3, and so on, up to port 8. I can't find the separate midi channels anywhere.
Furthermore if I attempt to add another midi track, I can't get a previously recorded track to play while recording the new track. Putting into record mode always re-records over the 1st track, or nothing at all.
I'm stumped.
all I want to do is start with, say...
24 midi tracks, and be able to select any midi channel of any of the 8 available ports, along with any of the 16 midi channels of any of those 8 ports... then record on any track I wish.
Can anyone help me out?
By the way, the vs2480 is there to record my analog inputs, as I have it synced to the laptop.