Just wanted to let people in this forum about this.

I recently purchased an OUTSTANDING set of new mastering monitors and promised everyone that as soon as I received them, I would offer a $25 per song mastering price.

This is LESS THAN HALF of the regular charge for mastering, and, If I may say so, is an absolutely outstanding deal for anyone that has wanted to have their material professionally mastered; but were a bit short on funds.

There are a few stipulations and I would ask that if you are interested that you send me a PM so that we can discuss your material in question.

Stipulations would include songs that might be extremely lengthy, such as the 20 minute plus version of 'Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida', etc. Or, a 'single' song that has multiple 'steps' or 'stages', lasting 12 minutes or more.

I just want to be sure that you get a great result for a finished product; but, not at the sake of holding my head under water for 20 minutes where I would have normally charged $200+ for a tune with multiple variances in the mastering process due to extreme changes in the material and performance that required complete setting changes at multiple points in the song.

Anyway, the offer is on the table, and the rest of the business info is as follows. Other prices are good, except the price per song is only $25, NOT $75, or $52.50. Also, this is a special event, so NO PAYPAL.

Falcon Eddy Studios

All prices shown are in U.S. Dollars.

Mastering Price Structure for 2 Channel Stereo/Mono

$ 75 per song* for a four (4) song EP
$ 52.50 per song* full album (album length should not exceed the 74 minute RedBook standard)
$ 20 per jingle/radio spot/commercial announcement (5sec to 60sec)
$ 50 per PMCD (gold premaster)

*Includes topping & tailing, EQ modifications, stereo field placement adjustments, compression, limiting, all mastered in 24/96; then, reduced to Red Book audio standards. Generally, several 320kbps mp3 files are created for listening to progress of mastering status, and put up on the internet for client’s evaluation/approval. Alternately, one reference audio CD is created and sent to client for written approval prior to creating the PMCD. When mastering 10 or more songs, there is no charge for the PMCD. Additional PMCD's are available at $25 each.

I can work with Wave and Aiff files, 24bit audio files, 16 bit DAT tape, MD Data disks, and Roland Backup CD-R's (provided they’re in the correct format). Preferably the latter if mix tweaking is also required. Written verification of mechanical licensing (a photocopy) is also required if any song copyrights are owned by other parties. This is due to matching the master I produce to the total play time listed on the mechanical license you’ve already obtained.

Payment For (1) song Mastering, I require full payment in advance. For all other projects I require 50% down. I accept cash, check, or PayPal*. Shipping, handling, and insurance fees are extra and will be added after mastering has been completed, and a PMCD has been shipped to the client. All payments are made payable to xxxxxxxxxxxxx^ via cash, check or PayPal.

*During special event pricing, the PayPal payment option will not be available as a method of payment. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

^I will give you my name for the check if we do business. Send me a PM for all inquiries.

Many Thanks.

. . Falcon
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