Hallo everybody,

I write the first time in this forum though I read since some years many of your helpful informations. I'm a VS-user since day 2 i.e. since the VS-1680 and I newly own a VS-2480 - this machine contains a lot more possibilities but is at first sight also more difficult in use.

Since I want to use for live gigs some playbacks of a portable 19'' multitrack recorder I bought a Fostex D-160 with ADAT inputs. To connect the VS-2480 and the D-160 I got a DIF-AT.

I first connected the VS-2480 (with newest OS) and the DIF-AT into R-BUS1, I connected an external preamp (Marian ADCON or Swissonic AD 24 mk2) with ADAT outputs with a light pipe to the Input of the DIF-AT.

Then in 2480 I switched on Remote Control and ADAT in Utility>R-Bus (BUT ADAT-LED does not light on the DIF-AT) and tried to set R-BUS1 as Master Clock in Utility>Project Parameters (BUT it says R-BUS1 in unlock). R-BUS1 ist routed to Input 17-24.

It was clear, no signal of my Microphone could get into the 2480.

I also tried to send a signal 2480>DIF-AT>Marian ADCON (which also has DA-converters) but the Marian did not show Lock, too. When I connected the Swissonic>Marian it showed Lock.

Is there any mistake in my signal chain or in the software settings???

Thak you very much for your help