Ok; so why are the analog inputs paired, and can't be split like the Input and Track Mixer? I have looked for the answer in the manuals,RolandDVD,Youube,Search on the site here, and the only info I get is that the analog input tracks are paired because Roland made them that way.
No problem linking or unlinking tracks from the Input Mixer to the Recording Track and from the Track Mixer to the Recording Track.
I mean, why bother with having mono input, like a mic or guitar, be forced to use two analog inputs from the Analog Input to ONE SIDE of the Input mixer, yet on the OTHER SIDE of the Input, you can link or unlink tracks going to the Recording Mixer?
Another thing that puzzles me about this
Please help. I'm awake at nights over this (not!), but I've been holding off asking, as I felt there's GOT to be an answer to this in plain view that I've overlooked.

Thanks All,
Rick (ricco)

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