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#1521585 - 02/28/17 01:22 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: Dr. Altsack aka Volltreffer]
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...and btw the sample rate error is REALLY unlikely, as I created and read the old files with soundbooth before. (And there were also stereo WAVs...)

It might as well be the luck of having some 2^n length of samples or so - but I don't care too much, as it worked out nice. I MIGHT try to use different MasterTrack than 23/24 - maybe they are strange in MTP/88,1 ... I'll go and verify the CDs - it might have been an error with them, too... I'm gonna keep the ripped files for a while, if the SW authors wanna use them for trying out, it might be helpful, and I could place the stuff on dropbox for transfer.

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#1523954 - 03/20/17 06:14 AM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: shanabit]
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Good morning. I would have thought I understood by now how to recover the "Whole" project of, MULTIPLE CD BACKUPS from my live rehearsals of our band via VS WaveExport- But seems, I still can't figure it out.
e.g.: We record over an hour and a half of MTP/24bit 6 track material which requires at least 2 CD-Rs to backup. I take those home and try to extract them via the VS WaveExport s/w, but still just don't understand exactly how to do a multi-CD extraction and have all the files from all CDs converted together into WAVs. I always have a problem in REAPER having all the material. This includes me with experimentation of cutting files into other folders, etc. etc. with no success.
Can someone please explain step by step the proper way to RECOVER a MULTI-CD Backup of RDAC from my VS-2400CD thru the VS WaveExport s/w? I have read the excellent PDF instructional (and downloaded it), but still can not get my head wrapped around multi-cd recovery. Some help on this from a "VS WaveExport for Dummies" perspective would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys!

#1523967 - 03/20/17 10:53 AM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: Jacksn]
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Bear, the developer of the CD ripper had said this in an earlier post on pg 5 of this thread:
 Originally Posted By: bear
I have never tried a project that was so big it spanned two dvd... that is one large project -

In general - I have never had good luck ripping projects that span multiple discs from the shell out of VSWE - it has only worked for me from the command line direct execution of the ripper - Always rip the discs in order, and from the same file folder - if it works properly it will create the song folder from the first disc, and then add the additional take files from the second in the same folder.


This applies to CDs as well as DVDs and I can verify that multiple disc backups are problematic and should be avoided.
If you've followed bear's advice (above) and it isn't working for you, then maybe it's time to stop creating multi-disc sessions.

These are band rehearsals - It shouldn't be terribly difficult to learn to keep an eye on the machine and take a short break to stop and change to a new project (or figure out how long you can practice before you need to stop the machine). Instead of multi-cd spans of a single project/session, you'd be creating separate cds that contain only as much as can be put on one disc and avoid the issues. I'd avoid filling a disc completely to the brim, too. I'm pretty sure that doing so caused me issues when ripping in the past.

Also, if following bear's instructions isn't working, why not reimport those multi-disc sessions back to your VS and then chop the size of the long single session into multiple shorter sessions that can be backed up to single discs.

Frank and I have both posted instructions on the two methods I know of to break a single session up. You can find those instructions in this thread, if you sift through the posts. Basically, either use Song Split, along with the advice/strategy I've posted, or use the Song Copy method that Frank posted. Both methods can work really well, but you will want to start with plenty of free hard drive space - maybe backup anything current that needs to be saved to a disc, or discs first, so you can free up the hard drive and then reimport one of those long sessions and learn how to split it up.

Hope this helps. It's not exactly what you asked for, but it will save you a lot of grief in the future for sure.

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#1531509 - 05/22/17 01:48 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: uptildawn]
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In case this thread get read more frequently than the 1680 thread, I'm duplicating my post here as well:

Back in 2010 I used Bear's Reaper/Ripper tool on a 1680 backup disc and created a folder with a SONG.VR6 file along with multiple TAKE files.

I also downloaded the VS plugin: "reaper_vs.dll" and was then able to use Reaper to work on the 1680 songs.

I still have the SONG.VR6 folder and I want to do more work.

Because I replaced my PC a couple of years ago, I no longer have the "reaper_vs.dll" plugin.

Toady I tried to reacquire reaper_vs.dll from:

I got a red screen message "This site ahead contains harmful programs" etc

Is this site really dangerous? If so, where can I safely acquire reaper_vs.dll?


#1541049 - 08/08/17 09:49 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: mike gouthro]
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FYI, I cracked Roland's mangled FAT16 layout. Info on this thread:



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#1545270 - 09/21/17 06:19 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: randygo]
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Nevermind, I found the answer!

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#1546846 - 10/08/17 04:51 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: shanabit]
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Hey guys,
First of all, I hope everyone is safe and doing well.
Are Windows 10 and Reaper/VS Wave EXport/.BAT not compatible? I can get the back-up to cd from the 2480, run it on the pc in DOS with the cd2roland file, get the congratulations on the file xfer, etc., but that is where I'm now having no success opening my song.
BTW, my old songs on Reaper are all missing dozens of files and will not play any tracks.
So, anyone have any suggestions? Also, what about listening to fellow planeteers songs anymore? Does anyone do that? Thanks.
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#1564587 - 03/04/18 01:06 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: Zed Leppelin]
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To Jazzbassnick,
I found this thread by Frank posted some time ago; might be helpful for many Planeteers.

I link the master tracks in the track 23/24 channel edit pages and they usually come out stereo .wav,
I have a FREE manual with step by step on this.
Email me at

Here's a portion on this...

When you get to the V-Track map in the TRACK EXPORT window, you’ll have to scroll thru all the tracks and their V-tracks to get to track 23, check mark its V-track you mastered to then scroll to track 24 and check mark its same V-track you mastered to.

Even though you have to check mark both the left and right mono tracks in the track export window, the VS will still combine them into one STEREO PAIR in to a single stereo file as long as you have them LINKED. Bring them forward in the HOME screen, selecting the V-Tracks on the V-track map and then link them on track 23’s CH-Edit page. If you do not LINK them before exporting master tracks they will wind up being MONO left and right files.

Also, if you export mastered tracks, the CD-R Mode 16bit pairs will be exported as stereo .wav files but with the non-CD-R mode mastered tracks in 24bit, if you do not have them linked and check mark the L & R tracks to be exported, they will turn out to be MONO .wav files. If you want STEREO .wav files, be sure to link them and check both left & right to be exported at the same time.

It can be tricky but you can export STEREO .wav format mastered tracks in 24bit. They will come out with a file name similar to this: 2316V_T23_16.WAV. Notice, track 24 is not in the title, weird but OK. Once done linking the tracks and exporting them, don’t forget to go back and select empty V-tracks or the original V-tracks that were in the HOME screen. The stereo .wav files are 24bit so some apps that only play 16bit audio will not open them ie Window’s Media Player!
Hope this helps
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#1567246 - 03/25/18 03:55 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: PAZZA]
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Anyone have any luck with VS WaveExport and Windows 10? do Franks instructions still apply?
#1567249 - 03/25/18 04:26 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: Doolang]
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I would like to know the same thing. Have Windows 10 and would like to create some .wav files and export to Reaper.
#1567364 - 03/26/18 01:06 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: powermac]
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VSWE worked fine on my windows 10 system.
#1598162 - 01/12/19 11:29 PM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: mobofsquirrels]
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Anyone tried to access a VIRDIS HD file and drag those WAVs into a DAW -- via the VSWE ?? Is that how the process is done ??

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#1598166 - 01/13/19 01:25 AM Re: VS WaveExport Instructions [Re: C Jo Go]
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Let's see if this is helpful, or if it even copies in like I want it to... NOPE... pictures aren't copying into this reply. I will put images in a folder in OneDrive and post the link at the bottom of this reply/instructions. I will leave it up for a few days, anyway. Eventually the link will be no good - then you will need to PM me for it...

So, here’s a quick picture show of how I know how to use VSWE with a CD ripped with bear’s cd ripper (found in the Extras menu of VSWE). And then one of a VirDIS HDD file…
I am assuming you can rip a CD already and I am assuming you can create and store projects in VirDIS:

From the CD ripper extract:
1- locate ripped SONG folder and choose a SONG (SONG in all caps being the default name given by bear’s ripper – you may have and should rename those folders as part of your regular rip process).

2- Open SONG folder of choice and grab the SONG.VR file that corresponds to your VS model – the 1680 rip creates a SONG.VR6 file. A 2480 creates a different named file.

3- Drag SONG.VR file into VSWE’s main window – Project song title will be the same as that in the .txt file seen just above the VR6 file in #2.

4- Highlight the Project SONG file in VSWE – notice little green boxes pop up in matrix on the right – Click the ALL button below the matrix (or click only the tracks you want in the matrix). The green boxes will be outlined in red when selected.

5- Notice also, the Export To path – you must set it up – my suggestion is to create default main folder – Notice mine says D:\Files Audio\Rip0000\ - - you can leave the song title blank, or add the name after the “\” at the end of the file path. VSWE will offer to and create the folder for the export for you, if you did not do it yourself, but it may end up inside a wrong folder – so best to add this song title last every time.

Extract files from VirDIS HDD file through VSWE:

6- Find HDD Files and highlight/drag one into the VSWE main window.
7- Follow all previous steps to export wav files – Import into Reaper or whatever DAW.
All tracks will always be time-aligned automatically, if you import them all on their own track channels, starting at zero.

There are a few caveats to this process –
1- Your files and process for saving may be different than what I’ve outlined.
2- You can run into snags – errors, event errors (see example), zero byte exports (can be redone individually to make them correct), possibly other things I don’t recall or know about. Some things can be fixed, sussed out and corrected….. other things just are head scratchers – they either spell disaster, or you ignore them and discover your exported wav files are actually okay – I can’t predict any of this and I don’t know if the developer still cares enough to answer questions, if you can find him. Hope this is helpful…. I may have to send this as a separate attachment if it doesn’t copy to the forum the way I want it to……
Example error message:

Here's the OneDrive link - good for at least a few days or a bit longer:!ApQxVDASwyuYklF4JEy99-ztr7HT

2013 Iowa City JazzFest sets!
Dr Lonnie Smith Trio w/Jonathan Kreisberg on guitar
Pharoah Sanders Quartet
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These are post mixes set to single camera video (by Rich Rauch).

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