VirDIS customers,

Advanced Storage Concepts, Inc. is announcing today the next upgrade for VirDIS-1!! The initial release,
VirDIS_DnD v4.1, was several years in the making and is a vastly improved upgrade etc...

Download .pdf info here:!AsR7lqfqXI5dgZRxLscfQFNF18rS5w

For those who purchased our 4.x upgrade we have released a working (beta) version, 4.3, that will execute the (2480) ‘WAV IMPORT’ function in CD-RW MASTERING for bringing WAV files back into the Roland models that support this feature.

To get this new feature you can purchase the ‘4.x Drag ‘n’ Drop’ upgrade for $69 up until Nov. 1st before it reverts to the normal $89 price. So hurry and get your order in!!


Bill Casey

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