I have been delighted with my recent purchase of this 1600 until now. I would like to export a track as a WAV file. I put in my blank CD and go through the correct procedures. Every time I get a screen that says "!CD Full". This is after waiting for the "Now Writing..." screen to go away which takes long enough. My wifes BR from an earlier date writes at 24x. My top speed is 8x. Thanks for any help out there.

Recently I tried another brand of CD. I first used Staples brand. I just now used verbatim. No luck. Same thing. I don't know if it's software related or whether the burner is the problem. It imports fine, turning a CDR file into whatever the Boss 1600 uses. It's going from that file to a WAV on a CD that is the problem.

Recently I tried to do a backup file. It tells me "wrong CD" when I have a blank CDR in the burner.

So I tried my luck using USB. I can't simply choose all the tracks I want as wav files like I could if my CD burner worked. I have to do one at a time, which means unhooking the USB cable then reconnecting it for the next track. Is this for real?? I tried a backup through USB and discovered that I can't simply backup one song, No, I have to back up the entire hard drive at a snails pace. For real?? This is an incredible waste of time. I am having second thoughts about this machine at all. I just bought "Wavemaker 1600". I have a burner that doesn't work for wav's or backup and USB makes you backup your entire drive or one wav at a time.
If my burner worked, at least I could backup one song at a time or a bunch of tracks to wav files at a time.
Does anyone have any idea why a cd burner would import CDA files OK but still not export or backup??

Thanks, Rob

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