Hi Ive searched for this topic (here and more broadly) and even though its been asked a few times before there doesn't seem to be be a definitive answer.

As everyone knows the 2480 has a pretty big! footprint so i cant fit it on my main deskspace. Obviously if i mount it a bit away it would e very convenient to be able to have something on my desk to control it.
Most queries are about using the sl-24 to expand the inputs on the VS(which i believe it does)but thats not what i need it for. I realise the sl-24 it was made some time after the VS but thought it still might be able to function as a control surface over midi or r-bus??etc...

Im aware the VE-7000 could do this but they seem extremely rare and when theyve come up, staggeringly expensive. I can get an Sl-24 much more easily/cheaply so was wondering if anyone with these two had ever tried this combination.

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