I have a bunch of 880EX songs I once copied to Zip drive disks. I no longer have a Zip drive, or the disks, but I backed up those Zip disks to CDR years ago. So now I have a bunch of 880EX songs on CDR I want to restore to my 880EX.

I recently modded my VS-880EX to use Compact Flash as the IDE drive. This works great btw. But now I want to find a way to restore those old Zip drive song copies back onto my VS-880EX, onto the Compact Flash. Is there a way to do this? How do you do this?

I have tried numerous approaches already with no luck. I have tried simply copying the Zip drive song files onto the CF and booting up the 880 with the CF as the IDE drive, but the 880 does not recognize the songs. I tried copying the Zip song copies onto a different partition of the CF and tried importing them to the current partition from that partition, but again the songs are not recognized.

On a side note, one thing I noticed is that when I record a song on the 880 with the CF, the root folders and files on the CF look the same as the Zip song copy root folders and files, BUT the actual contents of the CF song folders are weird and unreadable and the file sizes, unlike the Zip drive song files, show as zero!

For example, the CF root folder and song folders look like this on Windows (file type and sizes in parenthesis):

CF root folder:
SONG0000.VR9 (folder, 0 KB)
System Volume Information (folder, 64 KB)
SONGLIST.VR9 (file, 1 KB)
SYSTEM.VR9 (file, 1 KB)

SONG0000.VR9 Folder:
[] .. [] (file?, 0 KB)
[] .. [] (file?, 0 KB)

However, the Zip song copy files look like below:
Zip song copy root folder:
SONG0000.VR9 (folder, 69 MB)
SONG0001.VR9 (folder, 43 MB)
SONG0002.VR9 (folder, 106 MB)
SONGLIST.VR9 (file, 1 KB)
SYSTEM.VR9 (file, 1 KB)

SONG0000.VR9 folder:
EFFECT.VR9 (file, 2 KB)
EFFECT0.VR9 (file, 2 KB)
EVENTLIST.VR9 (file, 1 KB)
MARKER.VR9 (file, 12 KB)
MIXER.VR9 (file, 7 KB)
SONG.VR9 (file, 1 KB)
SYNCTRK.VR9 (file, 64 KB)
SYSTEM.VR9 (file, 1 KB)
TAKE0B6F.VR9 (file, 17,344 KB)
TAKE08B3.VR9 (file, 18,144 KB)

The Zip song copy files have actual readable files Windows recognizes. What is the difference here and is this why the 880 does not recognize my Zip song copy files when I try to put them onto the CF as-is?

Is there some intermediary conversion process I need to perform to make the Zip song copy files readable by the 880 on the CF card?

Really hoping someone out there knows what's up with this as I am stumped and close to giving up. \:\(

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