I actually have three, including the Palm Beach Hotel on Thursday.

Friday is with Edlene Hart, the top R&B and Jazz singer in these parts. The gig is at a great venue, the Norton Art Museum in Palm Beach. I am psyched as we have played together before. Recently, she did a set with my band, fabulous. Edlene brings it big time! Our setlist is impressive.
Check her website and hear what I am talking about.

Sunday is with a 9 piece all-star band at an amphitheater, great acoustics, pro sound man, large appreciative audience. Three percussionists, Hammond player that worked with SRV, guitarist from James Montgomery Blues Band, ME, several excellent vocalists, etc. this program is Latin, R&B centered.

Good money, but thatís not the priority.

It will be a wonderful weekend. Wish some of you lived closer!

- m
Can you play that an octave louder?