I just bought and downloaded the Lyricist/TrackNotes combo, and I already have a wish list:

1) Tracknotes has a linking button to open/switch to Lyricist, and there should be a linking button in Lyricist to open/switch to Tracknotes.

2) When clicking aformentioned linking button in Tracknotes, if there is no matching song already created in Lyricist, you get an error messagebox. This should be defeatable (i.e., "Don't show me this message again" checkbox), or the ability to add the song right then and there.

3) The Lyricist windows - although resizeable, maximize, etc. - don't resize the components in the window, such as the text control. This limits the size of the editing window. You should be able to rezie the textbox along with the window itself.

All in all pretty good stuff though...