Hiya... a few questions for the TrackNotes Version 2 development team...

Will TrackNotes V2 support downloading most, if not all, of the VS workstation parameters, instead of manually entering them into TrackNotes? From what I remember, that is the primary feature being worked on.

Also, will parameter downloading be supported for the VS-1680/1880/1824, as well, or is that to follow once it's worked out for the VS-2480? Or maybe you can't even think about that right now?

I will certainly spring for TrackNotes V2 when this dream comes true for the VS-1880. What a timesaver it will be for me... especially considering that I record with two linked 1880's.

Thank you so much to the TN development team for the sacrifice of time they put into TN and sticking with it. I know it's been a bitch, to say the least.

Mike \:D