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#832315 - 02/27/09 04:45 PM br 1200 / need help
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im aguitar player with no knowledge of musical notation or whatever.. ive had this machine a year read the manual watched the dvd and got the t shirt and ive still got no further into recording anthing i have many questions, here goes

if i want to record a piece of keyboard through line in should i use track 9&10 as ive been using 1&2 which i suppose is wasting a track?? then i want to have it repeat 3 times starting at exactly the moment this section ends so do i use ~loop phrase~ or ~track copy~ or what do i use?? when ive tried with either im getting a load burp as the recorder cuts and a short delay before repeating?? i dont want a load burp at the cut or a delay inbetween, im almost certain i have the timing right. is this burp because of the source being a keyboard with sustain on?? perhaps too much signal passing in?? if i reduce the input volume i compromise my recording ?? i am remembering to undo before recopying with new timing.

okay thats my main beef over now im also strugling to understand wtf a loop phrase is. sorry i know what it is but i wouldent know when to use it. why wouldent u just use track copy for that ?? i go into loop phrase and i press play and it plays a whole bunch of drums ?? which confuses me, i already have my drums set up so what does this do?? what is it i dont understand i feel so lost its putting me off my music and its supposed to be aidig me, id appreciate any help, clarity, its been a while since any pennys dropped, cheers, rut

#832777 - 02/28/09 09:48 PM Re: br 1200 / need help [Re: Rutmonkey]
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Hey Rutmonkey, have you found a solution to your problem yet? I don't have an answer for you but would like to hear the solution also. I've had my 1200 for over a year and haven't figured out what everything does yet. I use it soley for recording and use the DR880 for drums and bass and use a RC20 for looping, these I understand, but can't grasp the rhythm section for the life of me in the 1200. I would glady pay someone for lessons on how to use my unit but haven't found anyone that uses it besides me. Good luck with your search and I'll be watching for your answer.
#833641 - 03/02/09 05:07 PM Re: br 1200 / need help [Re: sloopdawg]
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Registered: 02/27/09
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Loc: yorkshire,england
no i just keep going back to it and aimlessly overdubbing bits of songs with new ideas. theyre starting to sound really tired now. i think i understand how to build the song on the rythm section but theres bits i just dont get. for one the interaction between loop phrase and drums. why would you have preset loop phrases which actually play drums? it already has drums patterns preset?? and dont most people build there own loops using instruments? another is can i set and have running many loop phrases simoultaniousely or just one. i would also help if i had some editing advice to lose these burps and delays.
does there have to be a minimum delay between loops or track copys? i thought this digital gear would cut the sound much more incisively that it does, it seems to make a twisting zip noise when cutting.. and i just cant get anywhere near understanding what preset loop phrases are and are used for?? fuckin gutted m8.

#839513 - 03/16/09 12:23 PM Re: br 1200 / need help [Re: Rutmonkey]
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Some of the loop phrases seem out of time, and then there are others that work just fine. The rain sound effect, the bongos, the "light" rythm arrangements are pretty decent to fill out what you have already done in creating a drum loop that works. But what exactly is your problemo holmes, with the machine? I have done almost 8 songs to date. I have only had mine since beginning of December 08, but it seems pretty easy to use after you read and make sure you reread the manual. I am probably going to have to print the manual out again, because the one I own is looking pretty bad, LOL!!! The answer to your question about having more than one loop? Well, are you saying layered, or one right after another in one song? I don't believe it is quite possible to layer the loops. It's only got a 40GB hard drive after all. It has its limitations.
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