Would anybody here have a need for, or otherwise be interested in, either an 8-channel, or a 4-channel external phantom power supply for use as a front end to their VS recorder?

I used to use one specifically to give myself 4 channels of phantom power for condenser mics on both the 880 and the 1680. Sometimes, I used the box just as a way to plug in 4 xlr cables to the 1/4 jacks on the 880/1680 without having to get special 1/4" to XLR long mic cables.

Of course, to complete the hookup would require 4-8 short 1/4-to-xlr cables to come out of the phantom box and into the VS jacks. I always used 1/4" TRS plugs so as to have a balanced input.

If interested, respond here or PM me.

I think I'd like to sell either the two 4-channel boxes I have as separate units, or as the single rack mountable 8-channel unit I devised for myself awhile back. I can reconvert to separate 4-channel boxes if need be, because of the way I designed the rack unit. I can even supply the 1/4" TRS to XLR cables, since I already have them made up and can always make more, if I need them for something else.

My current needs (no pun intended) don't require the use of these external phantom supplies anymore.

They are Audio Technica ATUS CT8506 48volt supplies, by the way. When they were being made (no longer, unfortunately), they retailed for over $200 and are built very heavy-duty. I can come up with a very reasonable price, if there's interest here.