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#1501002 - 11/03/16 08:04 PM Frank Griffith
Frank Griffith Offline
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Hello everyone, Frank left the planet last night around midnight.
Where ever he is I am sure he is laying down tracks. It was an honor to be his wife, I don't know how I will go forward from here.
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#1501004 - 11/03/16 08:11 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Frank Griffith]
mike gouthro Offline

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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Frank was a positive force around here.
#1501005 - 11/03/16 08:25 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: mike gouthro]
motown59 Offline
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thats sad news. What a great guy and force around here

"I love what you guys are trying to do up there" ...from an audience member at one of my gigs.
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#1501008 - 11/03/16 08:36 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: motown59]
DAGtunes Offline

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Wow. That's terrible news. So sorry for your loss and ours, Pam. Thank you for letting us know. Frank was a great guy, and a tremendous asset to our little virtual community.

Perhaps now he has found Peace. I pray his friends and family do too. RIP, Frank. "Keep On trackin." \:\(

#1501010 - 11/03/16 08:41 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: DAGtunes]
Webster Offline

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Sincere heartfelt condolences to you, family, and friends. Frank was always well liked here... and for very good reason.
#1501013 - 11/03/16 08:42 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: DAGtunes]
Doug C Offline
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Nooo! Frank was the nicest, most helpful guy around here. Huge loss.

Peace to you, Pam and all of his loved ones.
Doug C

#1501014 - 11/03/16 08:43 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: DAGtunes]
C Jo Go Offline
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Hi Pam -- We talked a few times == years back... ;\)

So sorry to hear about Franks passing > we still corresponded through the summer .. I thanked him dearly for all he had helped me with through the years ~!

He will be truly missed ..


C Jo Go
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#1501018 - 11/03/16 08:55 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: C Jo Go]
Eric Collins Offline
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Whenever anyone around here needed help, Frank was there to lend a hand. His friendly and helpful spirit will be missed. Condolences on your loss...he was a great guy.
#1501023 - 11/03/16 09:08 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Frank Griffith]
Slabraton Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Frank Griffith
Hello everyone, Frank left the planet last night around midnight.
Where ever he is I am sure he is laying down tracks. It was an honor to be his wife, I don't know how I will go forward from here.

We are here for you. We will go forward together.

Frank was our friend and we will honor him by assisting you in any meager way we can.

Stevie Wonder's words apply to Frank Griffith:

"As today I know I'm living but tomorrow could make me the past but that I mustn't fear
For I know deep in my mind the love of me I've left behind
Cause I'll be loving you always"

Frank may have left the planet, but not the Planet where he is immortal.


#1501026 - 11/03/16 09:15 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Slabraton]
slotz Offline

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So sorry.....Frank certainly helped me out a ton.

#1501038 - 11/03/16 09:43 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: slotz]
jazzbassnick Offline

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One of the best guys I've ever known virtually.
Beams to you Pam. Thanks for letting us know.
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#1501042 - 11/03/16 10:04 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Eric Collins]
Hong Kong Phooey Offline
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Thank you Pam,

My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family.

What a great, honorable, and naturally helpful man.

His incredible dedication to solving fellow Planeteer's VS-2480 problems is legendary here.

It certainly was easy to see, and be inspired by his amazing capacity to care about other people... And I'm sure we only saw the tip of that iceberg.

Thank you Frank!

Patrick Schneider

"Whatever our differences, we are fellow Americans. And please believe me when I say no association has ever meant more to me than that."

~Senator John McCain

#1501043 - 11/03/16 10:10 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Hong Kong Phooey]
Wish Administrator Offline
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Sorry to hear about Frank, Pam.

He was always helping out people here and will be greatly missed.

He was a wonderful person.

My condolences to you, your family, and friends for your loss.

Thank you for letting us know.

#1501044 - 11/03/16 10:17 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Wish]
Duckhead Offline

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My condolences to you and your family.
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#1501045 - 11/03/16 10:22 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Duckhead]
Andy McClelland Offline

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RIP Frank. A true gentleman.
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#1501046 - 11/03/16 10:45 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Andy McClelland]
uptildawn Offline

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So very sorry to hear such sad news, Pam. Thank you for letting everyone here know about it.
My condolences to you and your family.

Frank was a great help to so many here, it seems (I didn't really know him much, myself) - it's obvious that his presence here was greatly appreciated.

Take heart in knowing how much of a good influence he was here.

#1501052 - 11/03/16 11:23 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: uptildawn]
SkyWave Online   content

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Aw, Pam, so sorry to hear this. He will be missed.

Who knows what happens when people die and yet wherever in the universe he is now, surely he is loving you still.

#1501053 - 11/03/16 11:24 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: SkyWave]
Timster Offline
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Ah gee. Healing beams and prayers sent. RIP Frank

#1501057 - 11/03/16 11:41 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Timster]
flatcat Administrator Offline
Loquacious Planeteer

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Loc: Westborough, MA, USA
I am so terribly sorry to hear this news. Frank was such a wonderful part of our little community - always a kind and helpful word, and always positive, giving positive energy to us here.

It was our honor knowing him.

I wish you and Frank's family and friends peace, and send my sincerest condolences.

Tom Duval
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#1501059 - 11/03/16 11:56 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: flatcat]
pbrowne Offline

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sincerest condolences - you and your family will be in our thoughts.
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#1501060 - 11/03/16 11:58 PM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: flatcat]
rhythmace47 Offline
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Pam -
Truly sorry to hear about your loss. I think you can tell he was highly respected around here. This is just so sad. I gleaned quite of bit of awesome info from him from time to time just reading his posts, and yes, always the straight-up gentleman dealing with anyone and everyone here. Sorry I did not talk to him more when I was on here. Beams to you and to everyone in your family.
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#1501062 - 11/04/16 12:00 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: flatcat]
WRC,Jr. Offline

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Pam, I am so sorry for your loss. We will all miss Frank.
Bill C

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#1501064 - 11/04/16 12:06 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Andy McClelland]
Jazzooo Offline
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Loc: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico ...
If there is anything the community here can do for you, Pam, just ask.


#1501065 - 11/04/16 12:09 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: WRC,Jr.]
Arthur Offline

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Loc: a Mac of some kind
Pam, thank you for being Frank''s soul mate. He will be dearly missed here! The Planet lost a true gentleman and scholar!
#1501085 - 11/04/16 01:50 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Arthur]
MadGuitrst Offline

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I was afraid to open this thread.

I'm very sorry for your loss, Pam.
RIP, Frank....thank you for everything.
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#1501090 - 11/04/16 02:18 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: MadGuitrst]
KyleCarpenter Offline

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Loc: Florida
Soo...sorry to hear this.... Frank was one of the first people I met on here.. I've still got saved all his emails he took the time to send me n help me learn how to use my vs. I have a binder with all the pages of his book.... what most of us have come to know as the vs Bible.. But I keep it in its own spot right next to my recorder... RIP Frank... And thank you ... wish I could have met you in person ...
#1501092 - 11/04/16 02:23 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: KyleCarpenter]
Marty Gilman Offline
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so sorry to hear this.

Frank was a nice guy and a real asset around these parts. He will be missed.

RIP, Frank

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#1501094 - 11/04/16 02:34 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Marty Gilman]
wjgypsy Offline

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RIP Frank and thanks for all of your tremendous help!

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#1501095 - 11/04/16 02:34 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Marty Gilman]
Liquidirt Offline
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So sorry to hear this. Really looked up to him. Sad. He will be missed. Beams and prayers.
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#1501103 - 11/04/16 03:47 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Frank Griffith]
Infinitymobile Offline

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I am so sorry for your loss Pam. Frank was the first person to welcome me here....and many many others like myself. I was always so helpful and friendly. He will be greatly missed here at the Planet.

RIP Frank.

My name is Thad Scott


#1501104 - 11/04/16 03:51 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Jazzooo]
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 Originally Posted By: Jazzooo
If there is anything the community here can do for you, Pam, just ask.


My name is Thad Scott


#1501106 - 11/04/16 03:54 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Infinitymobile]
JazAddict Offline

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Loc: The West Coast of Florida
So so sorry Pam. \:\(
RIP Frank
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#1501108 - 11/04/16 04:10 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: JazAddict]
Starliner Offline

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I am really sorry and saddened to hear of Frank's passing.

Frank was an encyclopedia of knowledge on VS-2480's and the kind of guy who would always try to help someone any way he could. I am sure there are many like myself that owe his a debt of gratitude for all of his help. I had dealings and conversations with him over the years and he ALWAYS helped me get the answers I sought.

To say he will be sorely missed is a huge understatement.
My deepest condolences to you Pam, and all of his family and friends.

May you rest in peace, Frank, and know that you will not be forgotten.

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#1501125 - 11/04/16 07:44 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: Starliner]

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No, no, no.

I just don't know what to say.

No one on the planet helped me as much as Frank. When others had had their fill of my frustrations, Frank would often I.M. me and encourage me to go on.

Frank stands at the pinnacle of what this website was designed to be. True help and assistance for those of us who couldn't quite 'get it', with an emphasis on compassion and friendliness.

The planet will never be the same.

Frank joined the planet March 9, 2005.

Total posts;

Most of his posts ended with the encouraging words
"Hope this helps"

Rest in peace my friend and thank you for everything you did for me.

My deepest condolences to Frank's family and his virtual family here at the planet.


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#1501129 - 11/04/16 09:07 AM Re: Frank Griffith [Re: HARDDRlVER]
cajun Online   content

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Sorry to hear this Pam. Frank was a valuable part of the vs community. Thank you for posting this update. Most of us come from a life before online social interaction. I know that I'm still getting used to losing people that I've known for years online. Sometimes there is a goodbye and sometimes people just quit posting.

I checked on frank months back and he was still hanging in there. I know what he was going through wax probably most painful and now he is at peace

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