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#1514711 - 01/18/17 06:37 PM VS-2480 used to start Reaper
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I have drum tracks in Reaper via the EZDrummer2 plug in, and I want to record my other tracks on the VS-2480, and have the 2480 start Play in Reaper (Midi Master/Slave thing). I've been trying so many things but can't seem to get it to work. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks so much!

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#1515190 - 01/21/17 04:02 AM Re: VS-2480 used to start Reaper [Re: Boots]
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Do you have a USB to midi interface?

How are you planning on running the sound from the 2480 to the monitors and the PC tracks to the monitors? If you're running your PC audio out into the 2480, what cables and connections are you using?

#1515366 - 01/22/17 02:34 AM Re: VS-2480 used to start Reaper [Re: keeppracticing]
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since you are using the computer as a huge drum machine, it makes perfect sense to also use it as the official timekeeper for your setup. this is where MTC/MMC (midi time code, midi machine control) steps in. however, before setting that up, you need to decide the best way you are going to monitor everything together through a set of speakers once your computer and 2480 are synced together.

you have three options to achieve this.
1. send a pre-mixed stereo audio stream FROM the PC, to the 2480, and monitor from the 2480. if using digital (spdif, adat, aes), make sure to set the 2480 to accept wordclock timing FROM the PC which will be your master clock.

2. send a pre-mixed stereo audio stream FROM the 2480 out into your PC via your soundcard or DAW interface. once again, your can achieve this by analog or digital, making necessary digital wordclock settings.

3. send both PC and 2480 pre-mixed stereo signals out to a small 4+ channel analog mixer, then monitor from that.

OK, now once you've got the monitoring part figured out, back to the Reaper/2480 MTC Midi TimeSync thing. the settings inside the 2480 you'll need to make are identical to what Roland has placed on their website for making the same setting adjustments for syncing two 2480's together via MTC, only in your case you'll just be using the 2480 as SLAVE part of this:

Slave VS-2480 Settings:
1. Press the [UTILITY] button. Press [PAGE] to display MIDI over the [F5] button. Press [F5].
2. At the bottom of the MIDI PRM page, turn the MMC Mode to SLAVE. Turn the MMC Source to MIDI.
3. Cursor up to the SysEx. Rx.SW and select “ON”.
4. Press the [UTILITY] button and use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select SYNC Prm. Press [ENTER/YES].
5. On the SYNC Prm page, set SYNC MODE as INT.
6. Also set the FRAME RATE to 30
7. Set the MIDI OUT SYNC Gen. to MTC.

Master Reaper/PC settings:
1. In Reaper, Set Options/External TimeCode Sync/Click Synchronization to DISABLE it
2. Insert MTC/MidiTimecode Generator
3. Drag the right side of that event you just made as far out as you need it to be measure wise
4. On that track that Reaper created, select the sends/receive and hardware outputs just underneath the phase button for the track
5. Select the midi hardware output, select the IAC buss

There you have it. Enjoy!

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#1519047 - 02/09/17 02:23 PM Re: VS-2480 used to start Reaper [Re: EssOhEss]
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please let us know if this method worked out for you, or what you did to make it work. share the knowledge.
#1550293 - 11/09/17 04:03 PM Re: VS-2480 used to start Reaper [Re: EssOhEss]
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at home the master is the external converter in w. clock. then. the roland (in w clock too) take the commands to reaper (the roland also becomes the control surface)
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