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#1521194 - 02/26/17 06:48 AM anyone using Personus or Motu interfaces?

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Hello everyone.
Hope you're having a great day.

I'm looking to move to one of the following interfaces, and wondering if anyone is using either:

Personus 192 studio
Motu 896mk3 hybrid

First, the presonus.
I see that it has USB 3.0, which may be the single reason to go with that model, given the theoretical speeds between USB 3.0 and firewire.
Furthermore, the 192 has two adat/spduf connections. My concern here is, from what I can find out, the adat 2 connection can be configured as a simple 2 channel optical connection. This is very important for me as I have nothing in the way of adat connectivity. To stretch this a bit further, I can't find any info regarding the adat 1 connection. That is, can the adat 1 connection be configured that same way, simple spdif optical. If so, my mind might be made up...if it weren't for SOS'S review on the 192. When they tested the USB 3.0 they found it to be no better than USB 2.0 speeds, and we're really taken aback by the 192's performance concerning the USB 3.0 speeds. (Their words, not mine). Granted, the unit was brand new on the market, and Presonus stated they would have updated drivers in the future. Just curious how that has transpired. Imo, why would they even submit a unit for review with a known flaw, when it was exactly that (USB 3.0) that was the big push surrounding this model.
So, if anyone owns one of these beauties, how has it performed. Do you in fact have it hooked up to USB 3.0? Any other issues or praises you might post?

My other choice is the Motu 896mk3 hybrid. This unit boasts both firework and USB 2.0.
While I don't care for the 2.0, the step up to firewire will be an improvement over the USB 2.0, but as mentioned previously, I would pick the 192 for its 3.0 over firewire IF THE 192's adat one can be configured to an optical spdif.
Btw, I have USB 3.0 and firewire 400.
Another plus for the motu 896mk3 hybrid is that it also has two adat optical connections and BOTH of them can be configured to optical spdif.

See my dilemma?
I do need 2 spdif optical AND a coax digital, all of which the motu has on board. If the motu had USB 3.0, it would be hands down the choice.

But the 192 is certainly a nice piece, and a good choice...iif it were not for its failings in the hands of SOS reviews.

That's pretty much it.

Oh, one more concern...
If anyone owns either of these units AND a vs2480...what are you using the vs for? Is there really any reason you're using the vs with such a fantastic interface as either of these units?

Thanks for any replies, I said, the SOS reviews were in their own words, not mine.

#1604528 - 03/06/19 09:49 PM Re: anyone using Personus or Motu interfaces? [Re: HARDDRlVER]
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I am kinda in this same boat. However I am only responding to the "what is the VS for?" part

I know the VS and I like using it. I just want a fast way to transfer 8 tracks to WAV for customers. Spelling that out. I record a band. Band wants WAV files. Instead of me having to live play and record all the tracks and spend a lot of time. I can ADAT 8 tracks -> converter box -> to laptop with DAW. DAW records 8 tracks in one go. SO now I can do maybe two listens and 16 tracks are moved in the time a song plays.

I have free copies of Cubase the lite version.

People come in the studio and like the sound of the VS and the straight forwardness of it all. No waiting for sthings to load.

Good luck.

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