Rather than a well rounded review I think it's best to just come out and say what's wrong with the VG99.

The reverb is bloody terrible.

It's ability to act as a midi controller is truly unimpressive.

I've never owned a VG88, but I tried one in the 90"s. This is the new super barely improved- if at all- vg89.5.

I purchased it almost strictly as an alternative to buying a 12 string. Honestly, I'm not dissapointed in the purchase but I'm absolutely not impressed with Roland's effort.

That said...it's become my number one go to choice for miraculously transforming a direct recorded Ovation guitar into an acoustic guitar sound that actually sounds like an acoustic guitar.

It's a highly valued possession around here, but absolutely nowhere near as good as it should have been. Wait for the VG100.
Possibly by then they will include some credible distortion character. As it is, it's hard to imagine a guitarist taking the roland disortions seriously....the modeled guitars work as advertised but bring your own stomp boxes.

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