My 2000CD has been at the local Roland repair facility since 9/16. When checking repair status last week, the word was 'waiting on a part from Roland Japan'.

The tech tells me that the part in question is the 'input knob' pot for input 7. Roland, apparently, waits for international part orders to accumulate until a container can be filled.

So, has anyone the tech spec for this? The 2400 uses this:

03124945 RK09L1140 50KRD L=25 RR1 9M/M ROTARY POT.

Can anyone translate this for me?

RK09L1140 50KRD L=25 RR1

I can't believe that an equivalent unit can't be sourced from D-K or Mouser.

I swapped the rotary encoder in this 2000 years ago. That component is common to the 2000 and 2400, so I'd expect this pot would be as well.

Thanks in advance.