A recent inquiry about 2480 IDE fragmentation and associated problems leads us to post this note.

ALL VirDIS users have the option of NOT using the 2480 IDE at all – or at least keeping its usage to a minimum. One early customer always uses a VirDIS HDD file as his ‘current drive’. This does not preclude the VirDIS HDD file from getting fragmented on the user’s PC hard drive; however, that condition is much less likely on today’s large drives. In addition the excellent Windows file system will typically mask that possibility due to its excellent look-ahead and caching features.

MOST importantly, aside from the above performance-related features, the mere fact that a user's audio content is OFF the Roland and contained in ordinary Windows files (and therefore infinitely copyable) means NEVER having to lose crucial recordings! Of course this applies to other VirDIS emulation file types like ISO, AUD, etc. as well and eliminates the need for a physical SCSI CD burner.
- VirDIS® author