This goes back to 2017 based on a raspberry pi3, I'm sure a Pi4 could do better. Its some software and a modified scsi cable with some buffering on the io pins of the Raspberry pi GPIO bus.

Basically the PI is seen as scsi device by the host, and files can be transferred to it. This is much like the SCSI2sd device.
the interesting bit, is since its a linux computer, you could run a cron job to convert the ROland files to WAV files in the background or at a specified time or time interval, like at 4 pm or every half hour after 7 am but not between noon and 5 pm.

this seems like it could be very handy not only for the VS product line, but also samplers and synths as well.

the main drawback, is it was developed in japan and a lot of the material on the site is in japanese. Most of the pictures and diagrams are all in english though.

Any thoughts? Has anybody tried this?

you tube of pi connected over scsi bus to computer

some discussion at hackaday

pi becomes a scsi device

and some of the diagrams in english
courtesy of internet archive

internet archive RASCSI diagrams