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#1678218 - 09/02/20 06:49 AM Event Code: Bus Free Timeout - NOT processed ~!
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First time for this warning ---- anyway to SAVE my data ?? Just worked 8 hours --hate to loose everything ... VS locked ,too,,

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#1683142 - 09/29/20 06:06 PM Re: Event Code: Bus Free Timeout - NOT processed ~! [Re: C Jo Go]
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Curently my VS2480 also has error FreeBusTimeout mode. I am saving directly to the emulation HDD image, when error came up. I've using this procedure for awhile without a problem.
#1685718 - 10/11/20 02:59 AM Re: Event Code: Bus Free Timeout - NOT processed ~! [Re: Ugly Beatle]
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This condition _CAN_ occur when the PC is so busy that the VirDIS software cannot respond in a timely enough fashion for the 2480. When this happens the 2480 will lock up the transfer mechanism and hence both itself and the VirDIS driver. The only remedy we have found is rebooting both devices.

We encountered this early on during FORMAT (FmtDrv) of large (> 1GB) VirDIS HDD files. The Windows file system has to fill in (i.e. WRITE) all the blocks of a partition while seeking to the start of the next partition. In large files this is a LOT of behind-the-scenes activity and the 2480 does not like it. So for large VirDIS HDD files we implemented a PRE-format of our own prior to the user executing the 2480 FORMAT step. This speeds up the response for this and avoids the 2480 locking everything up.

Similarly, during COPY or other HDD operations, the 2480 is not very tolerant of tardy responses. So if the PC gets busy to the point where VirDIS processing becomes 'paused', then the 2480 will freeze transfers and hence our driver's response. THIS will lead to the BusFreeTimeout error.

To reduce or eliminate entirely the occurrence of this error, it helps to avoid intensive CPU background activity (like browsing, running anti-virus scans, etc.) while the 2480 is actively executing commands and transferring data. VirDIS, in conjunction with the 2480 running commands, CAN allow other, concurrent PC (CPU) activity - just not a LOT of it!

Hope this explanation helps!
- VirDIS® author

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