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#1678965 - 09/05/20 11:37 PM How to add USB 3.0 to your VS2400 machine: A hypotethical guide.
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Hello, some time ago I bought a VS2400CD and I pondered on how to strengthen the biggest weakness of this model, and that is on how to easily export audio from it without CDís. Since the VS2400 does not have a extra hard drive port or SCSI ports to connect to external adapters, that's why today I wanna show you a guide on how hypothetically you can add USB 3.0 capabilities to you VS-2400CD, I say hypothetically since I don't have the money for the materials needed for this guide (unless you wanna help me, but I know the world isn't that kind) this guide was based on Julien's "How to add eSATA capabilities to your VS-2400CD" linked here anyways, let's start.

List of things youíll need:

1: IDE to sata adapter: The standard thing that we use to upgrade our VS machines to an SSD, i suggest using the JP103-5 board since is the most commonly used for this kind of upgrade

2: Sata male to sata male adapter: This will be used to connect it to the next item on the list. i suggest buying one like this one from this photo:

3: SATA (female) to eSATA cable: like this one:

Alternatively, you could get a SATA male to eSATA male adapter, but i dont know if that would work so its best to buy these two adapters

4: A Hard drive enclosure with eSATA and USB 3.0: This is the most important and more rare to find part, basically, what we are doing here is the eSATA port will be connected to our VS machine, and the USB will be used to access our data without taking the machine apart. Make sure that it only requires the data ports to power up the enclosure instead of needing an external power supply, i suggest this one that i found online:
There was also this one made by ORICO, but it seems that they stopped manufacturing them, so if you wanna buy cheap ones through aliexpress, i suggest you make some noise through their contact email that can be found in their website
If you canít find a enclosure without needing external power, iíll explain in detail in futher in the post

5: A SSD: Go with one with 120 GB of capacity, since that's the max capacity that the VS can handle, bigger ones wonít be detected by the VS from what i read.

6: A micro USB 3.0 port to USB3.0 A cable: pretty standard stuff, mostly used for external hard drives

7 (Optional): A USB 3.0 A female port to USB3.0 Female port: This is used to make an extra port on the vs instead of leaving that usb 3.0 cable hanging out of the unit, you will need to make holes to your VS to fix this in place, here's a photo

How to install:

Basically ,you wanna connect everything in the order of this list,

VS <--- > IDE to SATA <--- >SATA TO SATA <--- >SATA TO eSATA <--- > Hard drive enclosure <--- >USB Cable<--- >USB port

As i said before , youíll need to male a hole to put the USB B side out and then glue it in place. youíll need a USB 3.0 B male cable to USB 3.0 A male cable to connect it, or a normal USB 2.0 cable commonly used for printers

How to use:
Basically when you wanna export your files, turn off your VS machine and connect the USB to the VS, then use VS Wave Export to turn your files to .wav files, once you are done , unplug the usb and turn on your VS.

What if I don't get a HD enclosure that does not require external power?:
You got 2 options, one is that if your HD enclosure uses 5 or 12 volts, you could cut the plug and solder it to the exposed molex connector on the IDE to SATA adapter since molex cables have a 12v and 5v power. But if you dont wanna risk it, you can always get a barrel male to barrel female cable , make another hole and use that to power the hard drive, note that youíll have to use 2 power supplies to connect, one for the VS and one for the hard drive.

Closing thoughts:

Well, the main advantage from julienís guide from this one is that donít require an external hard drive dock for usage making your VS more portable. and you donít have to have a eSATA port on your main computer, just a normal USB port

I also wanna note that this is all hypothetical and it's not my fault if this does not work (tho technically it should) because as i said, i canít test this out. also, do it at your own risk, i'm not responsible if your VS gets fried because of a short circuit or static.

Other than that. Happy producing.

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#1708518 - 01/11/21 10:07 PM Re: How to add USB 3.0 to your VS2400 machine: A hypotethical guide. [Re: Fax Machine]
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If you use the external dock that Juilen used in his blog post, it has e-sata and usb. the E-sata can be dedicated to the connection the vs2400 and the usb can be used for the laptop/desktop pc.

it works pretty well and its not that big of a deal having an external drive on the vs2400. Just need to remember to power up the drive before powering up the vs2400.

#1717532 - 02/19/21 01:17 PM Re: How to add USB 3.0 to your VS2400 machine: A hypotethical guide. [Re: DapperDan99]
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Guys, here the best and more convenient solution would be to install a CD/DVD drive emulator to insert any memory card into it ... if such an emulator exists at all.
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#1725078 - 04/08/21 08:51 PM Re: How to add USB 3.0 to your VS2400 machine: A hypotethical guide. [Re: Anthony_Scott]
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Ok, i have a update to this guide, and its related to fixing the biggest issue to this guide, that being the hard drive enclosure.

Instead of that tech republic enclosure, i found this one instead

Unlike the others linked before, this one is easier to find (even in third world countries) and slightly cheaper than the others.

The good thing about this one is that is you can power it using eSATA OR USB, meaning that you dont have to use the molex connection to power the USB port.

Now you might be asking "Ok, but how do i power the hard drive when i just wanna use USB, this enclosure requires 2 usb connections, one for data and one for power"

And the answer to that is "just use a USB Hub", you can put a usb 3.0 hub in the VS to power and data transfer your enclosure, tho i dont know how much current would that use so please be careful and use low power hard drives like SSD's. Best bet is too use a usb 3.0 hub since 3.0 has better power delivery.

That's all, I wish you all a very good day.

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