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#1701578 - 04/01/17 02:06 PM Sonar LE vs VS2480
canefire Offline

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Long time VS user. Anyone ever compare Sonar LE with the VS2480?
I bought an item and it came with Sonar LE. I do not use a dedicated computer in my studio. I have a powerful XP sp3 laptop that I have kept simply for old software and in order to connect older machines and such that I have. I never connect it to the internet.
Just wondering if the functions in SONAR LE are anything special.
I have a roland SONIC CELL which can be used as a usb audio interface it has 44.1, 48, and 96khz sampling rates.
I am considering whether transferring two traks at a time is worth it to master in the pc or just to simply back up files.
Please do not go off topic as I am not buying any upgrades.
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#1701579 - 04/16/17 03:12 PM Re: Sonar LE vs VS2480 [Re: canefire]
Bobkat Offline

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Hi Ian,Sonar is a wonderful DAW with so much functionality with regards to editing /mixing and mastering! Not sure about Sonar LE,I have Sonar Platinum but Sonar has so many great options to use and all the updates are great.
#1701580 - 03/09/20 05:37 PM Re: Sonar LE vs VS2480 [Re: Bobkat]
JohnM Offline

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I also got Sonar LE "free", as it came with a product.

Does anyone know if Sonar LE is adequate as compared to say something like a VS880-EX, and for driving a couple eternal MIDI devices in synch with it as the MIDI master clock? Also, does it allow easy staff entry of MIDI notes to "quickly" enter songs from sheet music for example?

Like the original post mentioned, I am also not interested in upgrades, and I believe the version is from 2011 and I use Windows 7.

I thought I'd ask and see if I get any response within a couple days, before I even install it and try it. Perhaps you can save me a lot of time, if it is incompatible with Windows 7, etc.

Many Thanks in advance, John

#1701731 - 12/05/20 09:29 PM Re: Sonar LE vs VS2480 [Re: JohnM]
JohnM Offline

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Loc: Massachusetts, USA
Wow, three and a half years, and "canefire" never got a reply!

Anyway, if anyone stumbles upon this thread, I have been
discussing Sonar LE a bit, in the "watering hole" forum,
as I recently installed it on Windows 7, and by using the
"ASIO4ALL" software, for the most part everything seems stable.

A "windows desktop focus" issue has surfaced however, almost
if not immediately after installing those 2 pieces of software.

I can not yet for complete certainty attribute the focus issue
to the software installation, but I have not installed anything
else recently.

And, today, after a laptop reboot, but before running Sonar LE,
and having "ASIO4ALL" "kick in", there has been no focus issue.

In any case, CakeWalk for BandCamp is now a free software
download, but does not contain the vast array of VST plugins
that are provided by Sonar.

And, I do not know, and may never know, the difference between
Sonar, Sonar LE, and Sonar Platinum.

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