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#1720075 - 03/06/21 02:23 PM VS-2400/2480 Test Mode
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Hi this is my first post here so I will add a bit of introduction.
I've been using a used 2400 since about 2016. Everything functions except the transport controls which gave up some time ago.
Since then I bought a "for parts/repair" unit that all the major functions worked on but had lots of little odd bits that were defective. Got it for a reasonable price.
Then another machine that said it was "working"...but turned out that NONE of the major functions worked on, but all the little odd bits did. I got a 25% discount from the seller after the fact, but still ended up paying more than the first.
So now about TEST MODE:
I replaced both drives in the newest unit & was about to find out how it was working when I discovered "TEST MODE" on YouTube. There are scant videos, but one showed how to get into it, so I tried it.
Most of the functions I was able to figure out how to do, except "Analog test", one of the ones I needed most since the I/O board doesn't seem to work.
Anyway, my eyesight is poor & it got very tedious trying to share the one VGA monitor so I was using the LCD. I wanted to get out of TEST MODE & wasn't sure how to do it. (Since then I saw one video where a guy just shut it off when done).
So I got onto the wrong page by accident & somehow began a function called "Error Terminate (Please wait...)".
It's been about 18 hrs. now it's still going. I am reluctant to shut it down as I am not sure what it is trying to accomplish. If it's another name for "scan disc" or some such, I don't mind waiting for it to complete...but there really isn't any info about TEST MODE nor ERROR Terminate that I can find. I am not sure how these YTers discovered, but it seems to be well-guarded secret among Roland technicians that no one is supposed to know about.
Any one know what's happening?

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#1720147 - 03/06/21 09:44 PM Re: VS-2400/2480 Test Mode [Re: Redsky]
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Welcome to VS Planet.

You might want to post this in the VS-2480 forum. It gets a lot more traffic than the 2400 forum.

#1720232 - 03/07/21 07:01 AM Re: VS-2400/2480 Test Mode [Re: Wish]
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To exit test mode simply turn off the vs2400.
The analog test mode test the analog ins and outs.
When in analog mode, input 1 will be routed to output 1, input 2 to output 2 and so on... You may change the input/output routing. pressing F3 will cycle through the options.

Simply put there are 2 ways of testing the analog board:
Plug a signal on a particular input and plug a headphone or speaker in the corresponding output, turn on the gain on the channel and if everything is working correctly you should have signal on the output. Inputs 7 and 8 correspond to outputs 7 and 8 and to phones L and R.

If you have no output in any of the channels then it's broken, so you'll have to open the mixer to test the analog board directly with an oscilloscope.

Test for the signal on the channel gain knob. If there's signal there and the signal increases/decreases without distorting when you turn the knob, the input stage is probably ok, the problem is in the output stage. If there's no signal or distortion at the gain knob, then the input stage is faulty.

If the mixer is booting up and at least one channel input is ok you may try to record something and route the output to the outputs to test them...

The signal flow roughly is Input>>AD>>Main Board>>DA>>Output so output and input are independent and a channel with a faulty input may have a functional output and vice versa.

My VS2400 has 2 faulty inputs, I'm waiting for the components to arrive to try fixing it.

I uploaded the service manual for reference, it should help:

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