As above, an outstanding example of an 880 for sale. The previous owner had basically never used it and stored it from new and I've only had it in use for a month or so myself, so it's tip top. Has all the manuals and even all the stickers still on their backing sheets, including the orange one! VS8F-1 is installed and I did the CF mod on it and comes complete with an 8gb card (but of course... 4gb). Updated OS.

I'll post photos once I figure out why computer suddenly doesn't recognise jpegs taken with my phone. Altho if you've seen one VS, you've seen them all - but picture a darn near mint condition one!

I completely overpaid for it coz I'm quite aspie so when I get an idea in my head, it has to be done ASAP and it was the only one on ebay when I decided to go back down the VS route. So, I don't expect to get back what I paid two months ago (170!!!) but I will accept a fair offer. I'm in the UK.


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