VS-2480 parts:
Here's what left.
All prices are in Canadian $ and buyer pays shipping (will ship international)
Fader plastic slider (qty 16 + red master) CAD $20
Channel Encoder knobs, black (qty 16) CAD $20
Channel Gain encoder knobs, white w/black insert) (qty 16) + (3 for monitor/phones rotary pots) CAD $20
Jog/Shuttle wheel:SRGP KNOB (for JOG-SHUTTLE BLK) (Roland Part # 02560167) CAD $10
Top Panel L: Front fader board overlay (not faded or cracked whatsoever) (Roland Part # 02341212) CAD $10
Top Panel R: Front Shuttle/control overlay (not faded or cracked whatsoever) (Roland Part # 02341045) CAD $10
Panel L board (Roland part # 71561756) This is the rotary encoders for setting each channel parameters CAD $50
Analog board + Volume board (Roland part #'s 71561778 and 71782767) CAD $90
Jack board (Roland part # 71672801) CAD $90
PANEL R BOARD: Control/Jog/Shuttle board w/Media Control keytop buttons and panel keytop unit R (PLAY/REC/RESET/STOP) CAD $50
LCD Panel and LCD controller board (Roland Part # 71783012: LCD CONT BOARD + 01124234 LCD UNIT LM320191) CAD $75
Hard drive bay with 120Gb HDD, with connector board (71782823) (comes with the full metal mounting case shown) CAD $20
All or other trivial, non critical parts on demand, just ask if I have it.
Refer to the parts diagram in the service manual if unsure.

VS8F-2 cards-Sold
Power Supply-Sold
Fader board-Sold
Main board - will e-waste/scrap which is why parting out (dreaded DSP Net Error, changed all the caps, same issue....no audio routing ion to out when booted and slow OS response. Routes just fine anything in to anything out in Diagnostic mode however.
Pictures available for all parts. This was a working unit, despite the DSP net error (main board problem with DSP chip) All diagnostic tests passed.
Yamaha RM800 (For that good 'ol analog tape feel), Phonic, Presonis and Behringer Pre's AD/DA's. RME: Hammerfall DSP 9652. Every decent piece of DAW software out there but love Ableton and Software Audio Workstation and of course my Roland VS-2480CD + MB-24 and Presonis V-Fire for R-BUS I/O