Totally unsuccessful no matter WHAT I try. I've really run the gauntlet over the past six months with this thing, AND on THREE different Windows platforms. Win 7 Pro, Win 8.1, and Win 10 Home Premium.

Tonight, on the Win 7 Pro system, I was finally able to get a microphone working in the inputs, in conjunction with the OUTPUT stage by resetting the unit to the factory defaults. The output screen looked completely different after performing the reset.

Prior to this, I had issues with echoes in the left channel whenever I attempted to record in ANY of the NINE recording software applications I own. I could play keys manually without issue via MIDI, but as soon as the record button was in the 'armed' position...ECHO!

Not to mention after originally installing the Focusrite Control app in Win 7 Pro and its drivers, when I attempted to launch the app, I immediately received a 'NO DEVICE CONNECTED' error box.

After reinstalling TWO more times, it finally launched (as it hadn't installed all of the drivers properly yet the first time)

So, the Focusrite Technical Support Team has had me jumping through hoops on a regular basis, since Sweetwater's Tech Support was absolutely abysmal.

So...has ANYONE been able to record using the MIDI interface portion from a Scarlett 4i4, connected via USB to a Win 7 (or Win 7 Pro) system (or ANY OTHER) for that matter, to a recording application such as Sound Forge Pro, Acid Pro, Tracktion Waveform Pro, Ableton Live, PreSonus Studio One Professional , Reaper, Pro Tools, Cubase, or Steinberg Wavelab Pro (most of you probably won't have this last one)???

. . Falcon
. . . but, what do I know?