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#1829490 - 01/13/23 11:17 PM EZ DRUMMER 3 REAL WORLD APPLICATION
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Hello everyone! I thought I would post how I have been doing my drum tracks just in case it can help someone or open up a whole new world of options for other VS2480 users. Please understand that I am not overly technical on my VS2480. I do not get fancy. This machine though, has to be the best thing to ever happen to home recording! Especially when you consider that after all these years, I am still dropping albums onto the net with it. I am its only limitation.
Have you ever considered EZ Drummer? If you have not looked into it, take a look on their website at
Now, I don't think those guys were even remotely considering our Roland units when they built this thing, but it works so great for me!
Use their program to build the drum track for your song. I won't go over how to do that here, but it's not called "EZ Drummer" by accident. I usually get the track going on my PC and play along with it with my guitar to get what I want.
Now here comes the part that I have never heard anyone with a Roland unit talk about::: Once you get that drum track sound like you want, use their program to "Export Song as Audio File". Go with 16 bit and save it where you can find it. Then burn that drum track to CD in the audio format -- NOT A FILE FORMAT.
Next put that CD into your Roland unit. Press the "CD-RW Mastering" button. Select "CD Capture". Pick the stereo track you want your drums on and execute the function. BOOM! great sounding drums to build you song on are now ROCKING ON YOUR VS UNIT!
1. Every time you capture a drum track, it lays the beginning at zero. What does this mean? Let's say you build your song in your VS using an EZD3 track you already captured into your machine, but find you do not like a fill and want to change it. You just go to your PC and pull up that saved drum track, change it and do this all again. As long as you don't move or change your sections/length the track will lay right down on your already recorded music perfectly because it lays it down at zero again.
2. WANT MORE MIXING CONTROL? For instance, you could export the audio track from EZD3 with all the drums turned off, except the kickdrum. Capture this into the VS unit and you now have an isolated kick drum on its own track. DO the same with the snare. .. you can create tracks of the isolated drum pieces as you wish... ANY WAY YOU WANT. Then when they play back on the 2480 you have perfectly mic'd isolated drums to mix however you want, ON THE FLY !! (Because the entire track gets dropped at zero.)
3. Don't get mixed up and try "wave import" or "track import". "CD CAPTURE" is the only way I can get this to work. BUT IT WORKS GREAT !!
4. I create a track with a high hat that hits through all the breaks so I can keep time better. On a rock song with lots of breaks this is very helpful. Then I take the track and kill those hits and put it in the VS. I save the no click track on V1, and the clicked track on V2. This allows me to play to the clicking track and when I mix it all down I just select the V1 track and I get the drum track with quiet breaks and great timing on my guitars.
I hope this opens up an entirely new avenue for you and your VS2480. I am certain there are other ways to accomplish this in entirely different ways. This way really works for me though. Check out these two songs for examples! I think I did this with EZD2 . . but it is the same process.

Good Luck and I really hope this instructional post makes someone's day!

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#1829596 - 01/14/23 06:43 AM Re: EZ DRUMMER 3 REAL WORLD APPLICATION [Re: WHAMMYBAR66]
gyorpb Offline

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Why burn a CD, when you can just record EZ-Drummer‘s (digital) audio output?
#1829758 - 01/14/23 10:57 PM Re: EZ DRUMMER 3 REAL WORLD APPLICATION [Re: gyorpb]
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I pretty much work almost EXACTLY like this. Have for many years. Except that I use a Tascam DP-32SD instead of the Roland. I export my drums as wav files in either one stereo group (less these days), smaller groupings, or individual tracks <--- most mixing control, of course. Typically - I'll do the snare, kick, hi-hat, and OH's on individual tracks - and do sub groupings depending on what's left over.

The Tascam has a perfect import function for this called the "Audio Depot" folder. I simply import my drum tracks into that folder and then import them further onto the available tracks of my choosing.

Works great!
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#1832836 - 02/02/23 09:29 PM Re: EZ DRUMMER 3 REAL WORLD APPLICATION [Re: gyorpb]
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Recording the CD, then capturing into the 2480 will drop the drums in the same spot over and over if you want to change the drum mix. You could get your recording completely done and not like a particular drum fill.. change it and drop it right back onto your song and never have to change a thing.
The beauty of the 2480 is there are many ways to do things. This works great for me !

#1832959 - 02/03/23 10:02 PM Re: EZ DRUMMER 3 REAL WORLD APPLICATION [Re: WHAMMYBAR66]
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I have been using a Ipad 1 with Garage Band for a quick drum -- analog in >>> OR the Kurzweils have a total of 16 outputs = so we can track single drum parts if need be ..

Do have EZ left over from my Pro Tools days -- so we could bring it in SPDIF ...

Still prefer post drums -- on the E drum setup
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