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#312163 - 08/16/00 11:19 PM News Flash! New Addons for the BR-8!
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I just happened to be at the American Music store in Tacoma when 2 Roland reps were demoing the Boss JS-5 JamStation and the VG-88 V-Guitar System for Wayne, the store manager. Needless to say, both of these pieces of gear are on my "must own" list, because they are truly awesome! The JamStation blew my mind because the arrangements are so good and by using the Timestretch function, the recorded audio track can be sped up or slowed down with the MIDI tracks without changing the pitch. This wonderful tool would work perfectly in tandem with the BR-8 and would also be a godsend for one/two person performers. The VG-88 sounds even better than the original VG-8 and includes a regular guitar fx processor, besides the COSM guitar modeling. I honestly could not tell the modeled guitar from the real deal!

The reps said that Roland is putting together an accessories addon for the BR-8, which will include headphones, a mic and a Zip disk for around 60.00. They are also releasing a JamTracks Zip disk (just like the one for the new VS-840GX), which includes pre-recorded backing tracks played by real musicians in various styles (blues, rock and country). Simply load in a song and start jamming or recording. You can also use the drum tracks to create your own songs. Look for these products to hit the stores within the next month. Roland is also coming out with a new modeling guitar amp that apparently uses all the same COSM technology but without the digital interface, just old fashioned!
Paul Hanson is the Roland clinician who demos the BR-8 and VG-88 all over the Northwest. He really knows the BR-8 in and out and if you have any questions you can reach him at:

Take care!


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#312164 - 08/17/00 12:35 AM Re: News Flash! New Addons for the BR-8!
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Now that sounds like really cool add on i can't wait...Thx for being at the right place at the right time....

#312165 - 08/17/00 10:48 AM Re: News Flash! New Addons for the BR-8!
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The new amp with the built-in COSM guitar modeling is called the VGA-7. They will start shipping next month and the street price will be just under 1300.00, which is a great deal considering that the VG-88 itself goes for around a 1000.00. So for 300.00 more you get an integrated stereo amp. Features include:

• Digital modeling guitar amplifier with analog-style controls for superb ease-of-use

• 20 distinct COSM amp models include vintage and modern tube amps, solid state and acoustic instrument amps, plus speaker
cabinet simulations

• Gain, Volume, 3-band EQ and Presence controls customized for each amp model

• COSM Guitar Modeling simulates 26 guitar types—
electric, acoustic, hollow-body, and “guitar-meets-synth”— using any steel-string guitar w/optional GK-2A Divided Pickup

• Pickup type and position simulations with pickup blending capabilities

• Polyphonic Intelligent Pitch Shifter for instant open, Nashville, and user-defined tunings, 12-string guitars

• 4 independent effects processors with 15 distinct Roland/BOSS effects algorithms

• 80 Preset memories plus 80 User memories with extensive foot control options

• GK-Ready 13-pin input plus standard 1/4” guitar input for direct access to amp/speaker cabinet modeling

• 65W + 65W/ 2x12” stereo configuration

The VGA-7 V-Guitar Amplifier takes the concept of digital
modeling into the next millennium—offering an incredible
combination of all the right amp and speaker cabinet tones,
incredible Roland effects, and simple, bullet-proof
operation. Most striking is the VGA-7’s ability to model not
only amplifiers, but guitars as well. These include electric,
hollow-body, and miked and unmiked acoustic models;
pickups and placements; and dynamic “guitar-meets-synth”
models—all of which can be played from any steel-stringed
guitar equipped with the optional GK-2A Divided Pickup.
There’s also instant open, Nashville, and user-defined
tunings, plus a world’s first “Digital Capo” function which
has to be heard to be believed.

The VGA-7 offers models of 20 amp types—from vintage
and modern tube amps to solid-state and acoustic amps—
plus speaker cabinet selections. These models provide a
range of extremely dynamic and natural overdrive sounds,
without a tube in sight. Gain, Volume,
3-Band EQ and Presence can be tweaked instantly via
knob-based controls; and each of these controls yield a
response modeled after the chosen amp type.

The VGA-7 include four independent onboard effects
processors, with a total of 15 effects from the Roland/BOSS
sound labs. These effects include reverb, chorus, delay,
wah, flanger, plus unique BOSS effects like Slow Gear,
which provides automatic fade-in’s. All effects are
controllable via optional footswitch, with a range of control
capabilities including Patch selection, tap tempo, and more.

The VGA-7 provides lots of helpful extras, like an External
Mix input for blending in different sound sources, custom-designed
Eminence 12” speakers, a “Manual” mode for
instant tone tweaking, and the ability to recall up to 80
Preset and 80 user-defined settings. There’s also stereo line
outs with speaker simulation for great-sounding direct

VGA-7 Specifications

•Rated Power Output 130 W (65 W + 65 W) / 8 Ω+ 8 Ω•Patches 160 (Preset : 80 + User : 80) •Speakers 30 cm (12 inches) x 2 Horn
Tweeter x 1 •Display 7 segments, 3 lines (LED) •Controls TYPE Button, PICKUP Button, TUNING Button, CAPO Button
TYPE Button, GAIN Knob, VOLUME Knob, SPEAKER Button •Equalizer BASS Knob, MIDDLE Knob, TREBLE Knob,
PRESENCE Knob •Effects EFX ON / OFF Button, SELECT Button, CONTROL Knob x 2 •Delay ON / OFF Button, TAP TEMPO Button,
FEEDBACK Knob, LEVEL Knob •Chorus ON / OFF Button, INTENSITY Knob •Reverb ON / OFF Button, LEVEL Knob, Tuner Button, Variation
/ Edit Button, GK Button, System Button, Write Button, Preset / User Button, Bank Down Button, Bank Up Button, Number Down Button,
Number Up Button, Manual Button, Direct Number Button (A/B, 1-5), Master Knob, Power Switch •Indicators TUNER •Connectors GK
V, 230 V, 240 V (50 Hz / 60 Hz) •Power Consumption 160 W (117 V, 230 V, 240 V) •Dimensions 770 (W) x 300 (D) x 640 (H) mm / 30-
3/8 (W) x 11-13/16 (D) x 25-1/4 (H) inches (including casters), 770 (W) x 300 (D) x 585 (H) mm / 30-3/8 (W) x 11-13/16 (D) x 23-1/16
(H) inches (excluding casters) •Weight 37.6 kg / 82 lbs. 15 oz. •Accessories Exclusive Cable: C-13A (5 m), Owner's Manual, Caster

#1140213 - 07/24/12 03:05 PM Re: News Flash! New Addons for the BR-8! [Re: ocomain]
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Now that you mention it.. where can I get a Jam Tracks disk for my Roland VS-840GX? Or.. the files?
Thanks in advance...

#1140508 - 07/25/12 04:03 PM Re: News Flash! New Addons for the BR-8! [Re: CANA]
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Wow - responding to a 12 year old post... I think that must be a new record...

Sorry, I know nothing about 840GX and JamTracks... masybe someone here does

#1140544 - 07/25/12 05:52 PM Re: News Flash! New Addons for the BR-8! [Re: bear]
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LOL.. I didn't even look at the post date!
Yes - 12 years is a long time - just shows that these old DAWs are still alive and kicking!
Well - maybe someone will have a disk or some of the jam files still kicking around....

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