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#482220 - 03/11/04 08:01 PM 2480 and Drums/Loops

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Thinking about buying VS2480 DVD upgrading from BR-8.
When sketching out song ideas how do you
work with drums. Prior to recording with drummer.
Drum machines?, Discrete Drums?

Looking for simple solutions.
Any Ideas?

Currently using Alesis 16bit Drum machine.
Very time consuming mapping out whole song.

Does 2480 have some easy work arounds.

#482221 - 03/11/04 10:37 PM Re: 2480 and Drums/Loops
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I'd be interested in hearing about this as well...this is one big area of the VS2480 that I have not used!
#482222 - 03/11/04 11:06 PM Re: 2480 and Drums/Loops
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i almost always start the drum process with an acid beat. then i might ad a drum machine rhythm. sometimes i use a combination. sometimes one or the other but acid is a good starting point for me. the only problem with acid is it is not always diverse enough to accomplish the rhythm i want. discrete is available for acid as well.

btw, i don't use live drums for my music.

#482223 - 03/13/04 04:36 AM Re: 2480 and Drums/Loops
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The Phrase Sequencer is pretty easy once you get your beats loaded in. You can just tap a phrase button 8 times for a verse, then another chorus phrase button 4 times or whatever your arrangement.

Discrete Drums might be pretty easy but I guess your stuck with their tempos. Time strecth is not that easy on the 2480.

I'm lucky enough to have a drum set and mic in my living room, always ready to lay down a scratch beat or 3 or 4. I play to a click when I don't know the arrangement yet, I can make them into Phrases and then use the Seq. or drag and drop them. But I like playing drums and tweaking a bit anyway.

Should be much easier than a BR-8 and drum machine, but not as easy as Acid and such.
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#482224 - 03/18/04 02:38 AM Re: 2480 and Drums/Loops
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I'm bought Discrete Drums Series One when I got my 2480CD thinking it would be the next best thing to sliced bread. It isn't. Although they sound great, I find myself being frustrated at having to write around their grooves & tempos with few ways to edit for the feel I'm looking for. Yeah, you can slice & dice them & try to get the feeling your after. . . .but by then, the creative spark you had 2 hours before is long since extinquished. I'm back to using a sequencer again.

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#482225 - 03/18/04 03:27 AM Re: 2480 and Drums/Loops
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Acid Pro is easy to use and uses loops on your pc. it took me 5 minutes to start sketching stuff with it. and my learning curves are usually much longer
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#482226 - 03/18/04 11:02 PM Re: 2480 and Drums/Loops
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i build all my drums on my triton pro, using my fingers and the kits included, i find loops to be limiting.
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#482227 - 03/18/04 11:16 PM Re: 2480 and Drums/Loops
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Mike I use a sr15 Alesis also , just sync the sr15 with the 2480 midi out , this allows you to mod your drum tracks and keep in time ( always syncs to the song section ) VERY EASY ( goto utility/midi and set for midi master I think ) use the midi out to midi in on the sr16
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