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#527129 - 06/16/06 05:23 AM COMPOSITE ACOUSTICS GUITARS
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I have two of these awesome guitars and they are incredible. I have a Legacy Aura with vintage voicing and an X-Standard.
Although these guitars are made of Carbon Graphite they sound like high end wooden guitars. They are braced on the inside to make them sound like vintage instruments. My Legacy is a dreadnaught and it sounds as good or better than Larrivee, Taylor and Alvarez acoustic guitars I compared it to. The X-Standard also sounds as good or better than these same high end guitars even though it has a smaller body. In fact, I compared the sound of the X-standard to an Alvarez dreadnaught a friend had and the tone was as good or better and the volume was almost exactly the same.
I love the fact that these guitars not only sound good but also are uneffected by heat and humidity.
If you want to check them out for yourself go to and listen to the sound clips.
I wouldn't trade my CA's for any wooden guitar including Taylor, Martin, Gibson, etc. :clap:

#527130 - 02/26/07 11:09 PM Re: COMPOSITE ACOUSTICS GUITARS
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Well I had a RainSong that I had been yearning for...but I brought it back after about 20 hours of playing cause I hated the neck profile....sounds was great but it's gotta be like a's gotta fit.

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#527131 - 02/27/07 05:35 PM Re: COMPOSITE ACOUSTICS GUITARS
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So are you saying the unplugged sound is as good or better than Taylor, Larrivee, etc. or the plugged in sound?

I could see maybe plugged in but not unplugged.
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#1617175 - 06/15/19 01:57 AM Re: COMPOSITE ACOUSTICS GUITARS [Re: Nathan's Dad]
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I have an Ovation... the kind with a hard plastic bowl back. I always loved the Ovation finishes. Very pretty to look at. That said, "Tonal Warmth" is not a characteristic that I would ascribe to it. \:\) But it records well because it really finds a nice spot in the mix with my other guitars. Really cuts through without sounding harsh. (Mic'd, not plugged in.)

And I'll say this about that old girl... it is ALWAYS in tune. I just pick it up and it's good to go. (New strings might take a few days, but after that it's golden.)

What can I say? I like them pretty,

#1618117 - 06/21/19 08:35 PM Re: COMPOSITE ACOUSTICS GUITARS [Re: Clem]
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Ovations don't work for me. They're round on the back, and I'm round on the front \:\(
#1621737 - 07/16/19 11:57 AM Re: COMPOSITE ACOUSTICS GUITARS [Re: mobofsquirrels]
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A friend of mine in Chicago has a carbon-fiber cello she plays for the outdoor summer concerts. Actually this is her second carbon fiber cello-- she got some flak from contractors because the first one was black, with visible fibers. She traded it for a cello that looks like wood(still carbon fiber)-- but kept the purple metal flake bow. No more contractor complaints. She doesn't panic at the first hint of thunder!


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