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#981642 - 05/28/10 04:17 AM Vocal/guitar pedal > TC Helicon > Harmony G-XT
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This is a harmoniser pedal that generates up to 3 voices extra to your own 'dynamically' from the chords you play on your guitar.

You have an XLR in for your mic, with gain setting & 3 colour diode to help you set it right. Sound does not distort right away when in the orange or red.

You have a jack input for your guitar and a thru input too, with gain.

2 XLR outs: left & right. Mono using one or stereo using both.
You can send dry signal to one side & wet to the other, ideal for recording or for monitoring live.

If you are singer-guitarist playing live this pedal means you can skip your mixer: you use it as a mixer, and it also has reverb/delay with volume so it's actually better than most little mixers. I'd say the preamps are better too.

A "double" button doubles the voice as if you were
Then you can add 2 extra voices, either above or lower than your own, in a very wide range. I find that one slightly above & one slightly lower is great, or in fact just one is enough in most cases.

It's super easy to use so far (haven't had it long), at least i haven't needed the manual at all, as you'd expect from anything these days...and especially a pedal. ;-)

You have a volume for the harmonies (sets both extra voices at once) so it's all very easy to set...usually less is better than more in this sounds a bit artificial if you push it.
The reverb is usable live but i wouldn't add it to a recording i think...

The "Tone" button EQ's your voice and i think also compresses it a bit, not any case you will NEVER leave that button off...the voice comes through so much better with it on, there is just no point. Especially if you have one of those ghastly Shure SM58's with no presence in em...dear oh dear, yet another piece of gear that everybody wants just because everybody has it...yet compare it to a cheaper AKG D5 and you'll never touch an SM58 again in your lifetime...anyway...

The construction is what you'd expect from TC: classy & rugged. The metal foot buttons feel they could last for ever.

The sound is overall excellent and very convincing so far as you don't push the settings too high. A harmoniser of this quality a few years ago must have been the price of a car. H3000? I'd love to compare em & see.

A friend singer-guitarist tried mine live last friday and now she won't give it back! She swears she needs one!

There are plenty of videos out there on youtube so look em up & hear for yourself.

I got mine on Amazon for 250 dollars plus shipping. You can find the first version (Harmony G), which supposedly doesn't sound quite as good (supposedly) and doesn't have a gate or a USB connector for updates, for around 150 USD. I'm sure the first version is awesome too.

Pros: realistic harmonies, usable reverb/delay, easy to use, impresses a lot.
Cons: very limited parameters for editing effects etc.

I haven't compared with other similar products if there are any but there don't seem to be many other options and i already had a TC Electonic G-Force so i knew i'd get quality from TC.

I definitely don't recommend it to anyone, because i'd rather be the only one using it! ;-p
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#981931 - 05/30/10 05:09 AM Re: Vocal/guitar pedal > TC Helicon > Harmony G-XT [Re: RickD]
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I've been checking these out - thanks for this review.

Do you really find it produces harmonies that work? It's not just simple block harmonies?
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#990865 - 07/30/10 11:32 AM Re: Vocal/guitar pedal > TC Helicon > Harmony G-XT [Re: flatcat]
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We used one of those in the last band I was with. It worked like a charm. (Might have been DigiTech's version though)
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#1442886 - 01/18/16 05:15 PM Re: Vocal/guitar pedal > TC Helicon > Harmony G-XT [Re: String Jammer]
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Have one... and it works fine.

Two caveats: Some of the harmonies generated may not work well with the chord changes in the tune. And overuse of the pedal may have a negative impact on audiences.


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